Black thugs’ deliberate stalking and savage beating of white victim, recorded by themselves

John Hagan writes:

This is the face of black rage unleashed on white people almost every day.

LA replies:

Warning to readers: this is tough to watch. But this is the reality of the unending black on white savagery that no media organ will name, no politician will name, no respectable “conservative” publications or writers will name or even indirectly mention. Only “racist” websites such as this will name it. And so society fails to recognize its existence, and nothing is done about it.

This is the regime of ubiquitous black violence against whites that has been unleashed by liberalism and the Civil Rights revolution. And it is worse than the white-on-black violence of the pre Civil Rights dispensation. Because back then, the moral voices of society expressed horror at the injustices done by whites to blacks. But today, the moral voices of society only speak of the supposedly still existing white racism against blacks that still makes non-liberal whites guilty and that still needs to be overcome … and that still implicitly and explicitly justifies black violence against whites.

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John Hagan writes:

This stalking and beating of white people by blacks has become something of a sport in our urban areas. You will never see this kind of attack displayed on the evening news for what it is.

February 7

Rocco DiPippo writes:

I’ve seen quite a few of these videos lately. In each case it was clear that if the victim or victims had been carrying a weapon, the assault wouldn’t have happened. A loaded, racked handgun is the only solution against Feral Americans, or for that matter, against feral people anywhere in the world. Works for me—it’ll work for anyone, even the skinniest, most submissive-looking white guy.

An aside: It’s also highly entertaining watching one’s would be attackers do an instant about face and begin pleading for their lives!

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