The year white-run academia lost its nerve and surrendered to black thugs and revolutionaries

Paul, the author of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, writes:

1969 sits as the date the white America gave up, giving birth to the entitlement culture of today. How, you ask? The integration of the black athlete into college football was at full force, and black players began making crazy demands to white coaches and white universities.

What did it create?

A culture that loves Michael Vick.

LA writes:

I would add that Allan Bloom would also have designated 1969 as the year of this event, because that was the year that, as Bloom recounted in The Closing of the American Mind, Cornell’s administration gave way to violent black “students.”

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James N. writes:

We need to address the relationship between 1969 and 1963 (“I have a dream”). Dreams are not reality.

It’s hard enough for moderns to accept that the Cornell occupation was all bad.

To accept a connection between the Civil Rights Movement (good) and the current degeneracy (bad) is much, much more difficult.

James N. continues:

OK, here’s the question:

Did 1963 cause 1969?

And did 1969 cause the Knoxville Atrocity?

Or, to put it another way, did white America accept relationships with imaginary blacks that have had to be changed to accommodate actual, real blacks?

And had white America known about actual, real blacks, would post-1963 have been different?

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