Seattle police officials tell city council that guns, not gangs, are the cause of violence

From the Seattle Times:

Guns more than gangs are fueling city’s violence, police say
Seattle police officials Tuesday told the City Council that the outbreak of violence through Memorial Day weekend and since the beginning of the year has more to do with guns than with gangs.

Look at it this way: it could be worse. The Seattle police could be saying, as the British police say, that the cause of black violence is racial inequality, and that it cannot be ended until all racial inequality is ended.

The article is a hoot, and worth reading. See the skeptical responses from some city council members who point out that the community outreach stuff the police officials are proposing has already been tried, with no effect. To which the police reply that that outreach efforts will “help ease community fears.” As though easing fears of violence were the object, rather than reducing the violence. Note also the strange and ambiguous use of the word “community” throughout the article. In some instances it seems to mean Seattle as a whole, or perhaps whites; in others it has the usual meaning of the black community.

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Tyler K. writes:

The way Americans think is hilarious. Consider this statement from the article:

“A person who has a gun is more likely to use a gun,” said Metz after the weekly council briefing.

The crime and murder rate among gunsmiths and gun shop owners must be truly horrific.

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