Knoxville jury selected

David B. wrote last Friday:

The first jury panel has been selected. It consists of seven blacks, four whites, and one Asian. There are five black women, two black men, two white women, two white men, and one Asian man.

Remember a few days ago when I told you that Davidson County was far “blacker” than Knox County? The judge set it up this way.

The attorney for the first suspect, one Letalvis Cobbins, claims that Cobbins “didn’t kill anybody,” and blames it on his half-brother Lemaricus Davidson and the character who was convicted of being an accesory last year. This is the advantage to a defendant of separate trials.

Regarding the prosecutor assigned to the case, Takisha Fitzgerald, Gary S. writes:

Most likely this choice of prosecutor is rooted in the local D.A.’s desire to avoid any question of racist proclivities among the prosecutariat, but “Takisha Fitzgerald”? Assuming this woman is actually capable of obtaining a guilty verdict against black defendants, will she do so?

LA replies:

Yes, we have an accused murderer and torturer named Letalvis being prosecuted by an assistant D.A. named Takisha.

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