First Lady Xenia Onatopp (a.k.a. Michelle Scissorlegs)

Kathlene M. writes:

Thought you’d appreciate another picture of Michelle which I’ve attached. I don’t know what function she attended dressed in a low-cut tank top and thigh-revealing skirt. The men standing and seated around her were wearing suits and ties. Maybe it was 100 degrees that day. She looks angry and not very First-Ladylike.


Rush Limbaugh is on a roll lately. He said this of that picture:

“There was a Bond movie, GoldenEye, and one of the female bad people, her last name was Onatopp, something like Xenia Onatopp. And her way of killing her enemies was to get them into vise grips between her thighs and squeeze ‘em.”

Certainly not nice to say, but funny nevertheless because she certainly looks formidable in that photo.

LA replies:

From Wikipedia:

[Xenia Onatopp] is a classic representation of a “femme fatale”, and can derive sexual satisfaction from killing. In one scene, she lures Canadian admiral Chuck Farrell (Billy J. Mitchell) onto a yacht moored off Monte Carlo, aggressively kissing, biting and scratching him, then suddenly flips over and begins to squeeze his ribs between her thighs, smiling and crying out orgasmically as he tells her that he can’t breathe.

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Karl D. writes:

And notice the obligatory plastic water bottles (as mentioned before) under the seats. We must stay hydrated now at all costs mustn’t we?

Rick Darby writes:

You can’t deny that our First La—La—sorry, the word just won’t come out, let me try again: You can’t deny that Michelle Obama has skin in the game.

Anita K. writes from Toronto:

Re the Onatopp item—I notice also the ubiquitous water bottles!

LA writes:

However, at least one must acknowledge that Michelle has impressively long and shapely, if overly powerful-looking, legs, unlike Madeline Albright who as Secretary of State of the United States would sit on a stage revealing her short and dumpy legs up to mid-thigh, the memory of which gives me the heebie-jeebies to this day.

The problem with Michelle is, she looks as though she’s in the wrong job. She’s a physical, athletic, powerful woman, and obviously gets pleasure from expressing that side of herself. She ought to be in an athletic job, not the political / diplomatic / representing-America job of First Lady.

Speaking of which, Richard W. writes:

Michelle looks really happy in this:


And her physique, which looks out of place in formal settings, looks excellent on the field.

Probably she would be much happier, and better suited, being a physical ed teacher in an inner city junior high-school, playing dodge-ball with kids.

Also, the media have repeatedly told us that President Obama is most happy on the basketball court.

I hope that Obama decides, like LBJ, to leave after one term, and that they both find true happiness playing ball sports after their departure.

LA replies:

It’s obvious she’s uncomfortable and champing at the bit in her present job and situation, which doesn’t suit her real self, and so she keeps aggressively and inappropriately asserting her real self against her job and situation.

Really, the problem began when she was admitted (by Affirmative Action) to Princeton, where she felt she didn’t fit and spent her four years there complaining about how she didn’t fit, finally making her lack of fit at Princeton the subject of her senior thesis. And now, through her constant imappropriate dress and behavior, she’s telling the world that she doesn’t fit in the White House. Why doesn’t anyone (except us at VFR) take her seriously as a human being and listen to what she keeps telling us about herself?

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