More nonsense to deal with at Mangan’s, including the latest Swede eruption

I have not read Dennis Mangan’s site for a few days.. Nor have I replied yet to his lies and distortions about me as I said I would. Once people embark on a career of distortion, they can hang you up forever with all the work it takes to reply to their false statements; and there are, frankly, more worthwhile and interesting things to do with one’s time. Mangan now has a post on the theme that HBD is a bigger threat to the left than Christianity. From a brief glance at the discussion, I see that Mangan and others are acting as though I were a champion of Christianity in its current form, when in reality I’ve said a score of times that much of organized Christianity in its current form is an enemy of Western man. Not that this means that Christianity should be rejected, but that it’s a sign of how liberalism has infected everything, and of how deep and pervasive the crisis of the West really is.

I also see that Conservative Swede has made an inevitable appearance at Mangan’s, quoting some recent blog posts he’s written on Christianity, and saying to Mangan:

As you find from these posts, Lawrence Auster was once a very good friend and intellectual partner also to me.

Conservative Swede was, for about a year and a half, a commenter at my site with whom I had a friendly interaction, until, in summer 2007, he suddenly, on the turn of a dime, began treating me as an enemy and denouncing me in harsh terms. The change apparently resulted from his shocking discovery that I am for traditional Christianity and against modern liberalism. I was not his “very good friend,” nor was I an “intellectual partner” to him, a phrase with which this anonymous commenter posting at my site tries to portray himself as the primary figure in our communications. That he would make such claims is a further sign of the pathological obsession he’s had with me since he turned against me two years ago. As a mark of his instability, and of the excessive importance that I have in his eyes, whether as someone to be excessively admired or as someone to be demonized and slandered, at the same time that he began attacking me, he announced that he was no longer a conservative and that he no longer believed in the West—declarations that, to my knowledge, he has never retracted. So what standing does Swede have to show up at conservative websites pronouncing on who and what is a better defender of the West?

In this entry is a list of entries detailing Swede’s bizarre statements and positions starting in summer 2007.

* * *

A lesson I’ve learned from the Swede experience and similar unfortunate experiences is that when a person starts to make too big a deal of me personally, as, for example, when Swede said to me, just a couple of weeks before he turned on me, that “there are only two people who are sound, Churchill and you,” and made similar comments of extravagant admiration, that is a sign that the person needs a good talking to. He needs to be told something like the following (the words in the first paragraph below were suggested by a correspondent with whom I was discussing this very problem the other day):

I know what you’re going through. I remember how it felt for me when I found “it”. The thing you need to understand right now is I’m not “it”. I’m just a guy who got a glimpse of “it” a few years before you did, that’s all.

So you must stop building me up in your mind, because I’m just a flawed human being, and when I disappoint you at some point, which I inevitably will do, you will turn on me with same excessive emotion with which you are now admiring me. And that’s not good for anyone.

- end of initial entry -

Marco Jawsario writes:

Uh oh.

OK, I don’t want to go overboard with my lavish praise for you a la Conservative Swede, so I take back all of those things I said. You are indeed a flawed human being who just happens to have a great blog.

LA replies:

LOL. That’s more like it. I don’t want you turning on me—a la Swede—some day.

Bill Carpenter writes:

Re Mr. Swede’s excessive admiration followed by excessive hostility: see King of Comedy and All About Eve for classic treatments of the glomming phenomenon, in which the glommer turns on his (or her) hero (or heroine).

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