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All the opponents of Peter King’s hearings are on message with the same threat: Any discussion of jihadist “violent extremism” is the primary cause of jihadist “violent extremism.”
Adam Savit, Big Peace

The article includes this:

James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute and long-time Democratic Party activist, missed his slot as a March 2 panelist but stayed on message in his March 5 column for the Huffington Post: “Let me state quite directly: Islamophobia and those who promote it are a greater threat to the United States of America than Anwar al Awlaqi and his rag-tag team of Terrorists.” He claimed that a “well-funded ‘cottage industry’” of Islamophobic “bigots”—including “national political leaders” and “elements of the Republican party”—is “fomenting hate crimes” and threatening to “tear apart the very fabric of America.” As to the Pete King hearings he stated, “What they should also know, is that in the process of targeting a religion in this way and engaging in this most ‘un-American activity’ King and company are, in fact, opening the door for increased alienation and future radicalization.”<>
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Daniel S. writes:

According to Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the causes of Islamic extremism are: Rev. Franklin Graham calling Islam an “evil religion”; the Danish cartoons lampooning Muhammad; and Rep. Peter King’s congressional investigation into domestic Islamic jihad-terrorism. The video is available here. Abdul Rauf is arguing, in essence, that Islamic extremism is but a natural reaction to Western, Christian extremism. Remember, this is the man that the liberals would have us believe is the face of “moderate” Islam.

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