Obama, Noonan’s undoing; and Obama’s immigration plans

It’s an unusual event when a conservative establishment publication criticizes at length a conservative establishment writer and basically exposes her as an idiot and a ninny. But that’s what the American Spectator does to Peggy Noonan, in an article by Patrick O’Hannigan.

Also at TAS, Philip Klein speculates on why Obama, with his plate so full, has indicated he intends to push immigration reform this year.

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Sebastian writes:

It was only a matter of time. Recall that Cecilia Munoz, Obama’s director of intergovernmental affairs and the woman who will lead the attack, is an 18-year veteran of La Raza. She claims her entire worldview was shaped by a comment someone made when she was a teenager:

“Muñoz, 46, said in an essay aired on National Public Radio on Sept. 26, 2005, that the anger sparked by what she considered a racist remark about Latinos made by a friend when she was 17 shaped her successful career as an immigration activist.”

Given the levels of unemployment, under-employment, anxiety and debt, I think it’s going to be an ugly fight, even for a man who walks on water. And don’t forget the shinanigans surrounding the census.

Obama is one smart cookie. Conservatives are being naive to imagine Obama is naive because he doesn’t share their foreign policy. This guy is a radical with a systematic plan. He knows exactly what he’s doing—changing America.

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