Cerulean waters

Paul K. writes:

BTW, do you know that one of the anagrams of your name is “Cerulean waters”? That’s pretty good. Also, “Nuclear sweater”; not so good. I was playing with the Internet anagram Server the other day but could come up with nothing much for myself.

LA replies:

That’s neat. Cerulean (I had to look it up) means sky blue. The idea of water the color of a blue sky fits very nicely with my sun sign, Aquarius, which is an air sign but which means water bearer, the symbol of which is a man pouring forth the water of knowledge to humanity. At least that’s the grandiose way the symbol has been explained in every astrology book I’ve ever looked at. But here is a site which explains the water bearer differently, as “symbolic of the Gods nourishing the earth with life giving energies.” Thankfully I was able to find a less grandiose description of my sun sign.

Aquarius pouring out those cerulean waters

As for those conservatives who will have had a heart attack at my mere mention of astrology, see my explanation of my views of the subject in this 2004 entry (search for “astrology”).

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Bruce B. writes:

Does the south wind (the meaning of “Auster” in Latin) have its origin in cerulean waters?

Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

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