West on Jones

Another supporter of Terry Jones is Diana West, who writes:

[M]y admiration [for Jones] has no bounds, given the sheer, static-busting audacity of this one perfect, purposeful act of symbolism that rejects not just Islam but an evil the world has known much longer than Islam: the evil that crushes the human spirit, the evil that incarcerates free will and dictates free thought, that imposes, demands and exacts truly dread conformity.

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Diana West writes:

Thanks. I am appalled by the treatment Jones receives, particularly on the Right, and have written before that objectifying him (precursor to mob violence) as a “nut,” “kook,” etc., is dehumanizing—even as the world increasingly treats that book, an inaminate object (at best), with the reverence normally reserved for a defenseless, living breathing being with all manner of rights, not to mention a call on our fealty and devotion.

LA writes:

Remember the public demonization of Dutch anti-Islam politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002 leading up to his assassination? The entire Dutch and European media and political establishment were calling him (who happened to be a flamboyant homosexual and libertarian) an extremist, a fascist, a danger to society.

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