Derbyshire on the flash mobs

Mark A. writes:

I hadn’t read John Derbyshire in almost a year. I decided to see if he had anything to say about the flash mobs. He does. He dismisses them as riots, which are a “pretty normal state of affairs.”

Mr. Auster: Will you accept my apology for ever doubting your belief that reductionism is the ruin of the Right? I apologize for any past correspondence over the past six years or so that supported this man and/or reductionism.

LA replies:

I don’t off-hand remember you defending Derbyshire and reductionism (it must have been quite a while ago), but apology accepted.

I started reading his article that you linked, but as soon as I got to the second paragraph and saw what he was about, I stopped reading in disgust.

I’ve said everything I need to say about Derbyshire here, and don’t need to repeat it.

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