The Public Unions Empire Strikes Back

Dick Morris reports on the big fight in Ohio, where union forces are seeking to overturn anti-public union reforms similar to what was passed and survived a challenge in Wisconsin.

However, Morris mixes this interesting information with an appeal for money and it’s not clear what the money is for.

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Timothy A. writes:

The results of this referendum will be a disaster for Kasich. Referendums are won by making a successful appeal to the emotions of the crowd (a good reason for them,referendums that is, to be outlawed).

At least with the homosexual marriage referendums, the argument in favor (look at the fine, upstanding homosexuals who aren’t allowed to marry—how mean!) can be countered with the emotional argument to save (traditional) marriage. In Ohio, the narrative is that big, bad Republicans are being mean to police, firemen, nurses and teachers. The counterargument is that the law gives fiscal flexibility to local governments. That won’t carry the day.

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