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The previous entry, “Trayvon, the fake and the real,” ends with this sentence:

If we lived in a just world, every one of the lying liberals who has promulgated and supported the promulgation of the dishonest, several-year-old photograph of Trayvon Martin, would run into his own Trayvon Martin—or, more likely, his own feral pack of Trayvon Martins, in some street or alleyway some night.

I drafted that entry in the early hours of Saturday night / Sunday morning, planning to post it this afternoon. Then, at about 1:30 this afternoon, I came upon this story from today’s Daily Mail about the British governor of Bermuda, George Ferguson, being punched and losing his eye while walking through a London cemetery. The coincidence of my thought that it would be justice for the liberal elite to suffer personally from the black violence they’ve released on society over the last fifty years (a thought I’ve occasionally had in the past in the privacy of my mind but had never written down before), and the attack on Ferguson, leaves me speechless, but there it is.

The Daily Mail reports:

Senior British diplomat loses eye after being mugged as he walks through a London cemetery

  • Bermuda governor George Fergusson knocked to ground in daylight attack

  • Father-of-three was making his way to a dinner party when punched in face

  • Old Etonian, 56, underwent surgery, but it was too late to save his left eye

A senior British diplomat has lost the sight in one eye after being attacked as he walked through a cemetery.

Bermuda’s new governor George Fergusson took a short cut through Hammersmith Cemetery at 7.30pm on Friday evening as he was late for a dinner party where his wife was waiting.

Keen to make up time, the father-of-three was searching for the address on his BlackBerry when he was punched so hard he fell to the ground.

The attacker failed to prise the mobile phone from his hand, but made off with a small quantity of cash, police said.

The 56-year-old, whose family has a proud history in the British Army and diplomacy, was left dazed and bleeding from his left eye.

The old Etonian was able to get to feet and call his wife Margaret to excuse his absence from the party before staggering to Charing Cross hospital for help.

Yesterday, he underwent surgery at the Western eye hospital in London, but it was too late to save his eye, it was reported in the Sunday Times.

Mrs Fergusson, a senior official at the British Council, told friends: ‘He had been out of town for a meeting and was meeting me at the dinner party.

‘He was going through the cemetery when he pulled out his BlackBerry to check the address. The attacker thumped him straight in the eye, knocked him to the ground and knocked him around a bit.’

Mr Fergusson, who lives in Lambeth, was expected to take up the post of Governor on the tiny British overseas territory of Bermuda later this month.

He has previously served as Governor of the Pitcairn Islands and high commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa.

The Fergussons—whose family motto is ‘All the sweeter for having undergone bitterness’—are a grand Scottish family from Ayrshire.

His father, Baron Ballantrae, was the last British-born Governor-General of New Zealand and served in that role between 1962 and 1967.

Mr Fergusson, who live in Lambeth, was born abroad where his father served as a senior soldier.

His grandfather had also been governor-general of New Zealand and two of his great grandfathers were its governors when it was a colony.

One of his middle names is Raukawa, a Maori word in recognition of the family’s long association with the country.

Mr Fergusson joined the Northern Ireland Office in 1978. In 1988 he transferred to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as 1st Secretary (Political) in Dublin.

From 1991 to 1993, he was in the Soviet and then the Eastern Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

Attacked: Bermuda governor George Fergusson has held a number of high ranking diplomat posts over the years—including being high commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa….

But the family’s proud history is also one plagued by tragedy. Mr Fergusson’s mother Laura was killed in 1979 when gale-force winds blew a tree onto her car. A year later, his father died from a stroke.

Then, in 2005, their 20-year-old son, Alexander, was died after being hit by a taxi in London’s Piccadilly whle pushing his bicycle across a bus lane.

Note that the article contains no description of the attacker.

- end of initial entry -

Katherine B. writes:

The Telegraph reports:

The suspect is described as a black male, believed to be aged between 25 and 35, and around 5ft 10in in height. He was wearing a dark hooded top and dark glasses.

LA replies:

Thank you. Of course any rational and intellectually honest person (i.e. anyone not a liberal) on reading the Daily Mail article would instantly assume that the attacker was black, because virtually no one except blacks commits such sudden, extreme violence against whites, while blacks do it continually.

David B. writes:

Regarding the Londom cemetary attack on George Ferguson, according to the news story the attacker was technically unarmed. It was the standard method, the sucker punch, and it destroyed a man’s eye.

Trayvon Martin was also “unarmed.”

LA replies:

As was the unarmed 17 year old Darrell Desuze, who last summer during the London riots punched with all his force Richard Bowes, a white man, killing him.

There is no such thing as an unarmed young black male. They themselves are deadly weapons.

Charles G. writes:

I think it’s a little unfair connecting Fergusson to the liberal elite. As the Mail article notes, his family is an old aristocratic military/colonial family. They’re the sort who New Labour types are convinced still secretly control the country, constantly plotting to undermine the left.

The real irony in this is that one of Fergusson’s predecessors as Governor of Bermuda, Sir Richard Sharples, was brutally murdered outside the Governor’s mansion in cold blood, by a black, in 1971. Today’s Colonial Governors face the same danger before they’ve even boarded the plane.

LA replies:

Virtually without exception, all members of the British elite, and of the elites of all Western countries, are liberals.

This is not a personal issue. I know nothing about George Ferguson and do not wish harm on him. Let’s assume he’s a fine man and that he personally has had nothing to do with the policies and beliefs that have released and justified black anti-white savagery in the West since the mid-20th century. I’m simply reporting what happened: that I had written that in a just world the liberal elites would themselves, while walking on a street, suffer from the black violence they’ve helped release on others, and that instantly after I wrote that, the media reported that a member of the governing class of hyper-left-wing Britain, while walking through London, had been attacked and severely harmed by a black—who, in addition, was an “unarmed” black, just like Trayvon Martin

LA writes:

This incident brings up a further item John Derbyshire might have included on his list of behaviors to be avoided if one wishes not to be harmed by blacks and nonwhite Hispanics: If you live in a city with a significant black and Hispanic population, don’t put yourself in areas where no one else is around, such as isolated parks or, in this case, a cemetery. Many white women have been murdered while jogging in isolated areas of urban parks, Chandra Levy being the best known. I know a woman who was was walking in a park in Massachusetts, when a strange man began walking beside her. Instead of breaking away from him, which she thought would be rude, she let him continue to walk beside her while she followed the path into a denser woods, where he took out a knife and stabbed her in the neck. She was very lucky and survived.

As a New York City resident for several decades, it has always been instinctive with me not to allow myself to be in an isolated place in the city; if I find myself on a street or in a park where no one else is around I immediately get away from there. Many white people today evidently lack this instinct—though perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they have a false liberal program embedded in their psyche which overrides the normal survival instinct, a program which tells them (a) that human beings, particularly blacks, are naturally good and that only white prejudice says otherwise; and (b) that the world is their (the liberals’) oyster and they can do whatever they want and go wherever they like. Evidently it did not occur to George Ferguson, a man of the world, that it was not prudent for him to be walking alone through a cemetery in today’s London, where there are many violent savages looking to hurt white people.

Christopher B. writes:

Surely George Fergusson cannot be an ambassador to Bermuda, which is not a country? I think the original Mail entry was wrong, and they have changed it.

As a matter of fact, I notice that the media do not know or understand “diplomatic speak”—nor does the public.

LA replies:

Either my mistake or a mistake at the Mail that I copied. I’ve changed it to “governor of Bermuda.”

Christopher B. replies:

Not your mistake. The Mail originally had a headline that was ignorant and messed up. Probably the person who wrote it had little understanding of geography and history. Obama thinks they speak Austrian in Austria; Blair did not know they spoke Portuguese in Brazil, etc.

James N. writes:

I lived in Fulham (the part of London where Hammersmith Cemetery is located) in 1976. When traveling on foot from Baron’s Court station to Fulham Palace Road, the shortest distance is through the cemetery. Back then, it was a heavily traveled path from dawn through the mid-evening.

There is (or was) a small, isolated section, sort of hard to get to and not on the through path, that was favored by those of alternative affectional preferencce, but the main route through is certainly not isolated in the conventional sense of the word.

LA replies:

“… those of alternative affectional preference…”

Not bad. :-) Life in contemporary diverse society requires us to become more and more suave in our speech.

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