The impending Obama trifecta

A. Zarkov writes (Nov. 13):

From the San Francisco Examiner: Obama unveils Comprehensive Immigration Reform strategy. This makes it clear that Obama is going for the whole trifecta as soon as he can get it. Here are the parts:

1. Nationalization of the medical industry under the guise of insurance reform. He’s halfway there within ten months of taking office.

2. Cap and trade. The Waxman-Markey bill in the House, and the Kerry-Boxer bill in the Senate. Watch this one go through under the guise of saving the planet.

3. Comprehensive Immigration Reform as just announced.

If Obama can get these three pieces of legislation passed, he will have succeeded in transforming America—all in less than half of his first term in office. The economy will collapse under the weight of the extra taxes and spending under (1) and (2) and (3). The demographics of country will change as millions and millions of Mexicans are added to the voting rolls, and more millions come across through by chain migration. The consequences to America from this trifecta will probably be more serious than losing WWII.

Many Republicans and conservatives think he will never get the new legislation passed. But they also thought that about the health insurance bill in the House. It passed. Will they be equally surprised when the Senate makes compromises (abortion) and the health insurance bill passes the Senate? Then the compromises get tossed when the Senate and House bills get reconciled. Don’t be surprised if some Senate Republicans even vote with the Democrats only to get double crossed later. The Republicans strike me as terminally stupid, getting sucker punched over and over while the country goes down the drain.

LA replies:

Just replying to your last point, haven’t the Republicans been standing like a wall against the health care bill? How about giving them some credit?

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