Mangan has recreated his blog at a new address

Dennis Mangan writes:

I’m back in the saddle. Thanks to everyone who wrote or helped.

Mangan’s new blog is at Typepad, just as Half Sigma had recommended.

UPDATE 10:19 p.m.: Here’s a strange development: Mangan’s old blog, at, is back online. It’s all there. The last entry is November 30, which was Sunday, the day the blog disappeared.

It was discovered by Gintas, who wrote to me saying, “Mangan’s is back. Even has all his posts.” Thinking he was talking about Mangan’s new blog, I replied, “No, he doesn’t have his archives yet. Just December , i.e. today.” Gintas then sent me a link to the blog, but the address he sent was not the new address,, but the old address, In fact, when he wrote to me, Gintas was not yet aware that the new blog had been set up.

In any case, how is one to understand this twist of events? For unknown and probably unknowable reasons, the unapproachable powers-that-be at Google/Blogger removed Mangan’s site, and five days later, just hours after Mangan had launched a new site, following days that must have been filled with anxiety for him, they, for just as unknown and probably unknowable reasons, restored his old site. The mysterious PC powers taketh away, and the mysterious PC powers giveth back again.

- end of initial entry -

Gntas writes:

Well, that’s a hoot. What a strange coincidence.

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