Big Lie on Parade

The blogger of Big Lie on Parade has told me that he has voluntarily taken the site down, but he does not wish to say anything more about it. I urge him to do so. It is wrong to delete one’s site without a word of explanation to one’s readers. It is demoralizing. It adds to the feeling of shapeless fear under which we live. It gives power to our enemies.

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February 14

Ed H. writes:

Thanks for following up on my inquiry on the Big Lie on Parade shut-down. However, I think the author of the blog has a real obligation to his readers to explain what is happening. We live under an increasingly totalitarian regime that engages in every form of intimidation. When one of the few voices brave enough to tell the truth about black behavior disappears from sight it is intensely demoralizing. The national atmosphere of censorship, intimidation and universal cowardice grows ever more suffocating. The web is our only lifeline to each other. We need to know what is happening to our friends and why.

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