Human, or animal?

VFR does not normally make comparisons between the rampaging behavior of certain members of a certain racial group and that of a certain species of great apes, and neither does The Big Lie on Parade. But the truth is the truth. Listen to the sounds made by a car full of blacks after one of them slaps a young white man working at a McDonald’s drive thru window. What do they sound like to you?

How does liberalism survive such facts? By massive lies and denial, enforced by the reign of fear.

UPDATE, July 10, 1:30 p.m.:

The video has been removed from YouTube. That is most unfortunate, as the audio portion was a remarkable anthropological document, advancing our understanding of the close similarities between certain humans and chimpanzees. Don’t the natural history museums, the TV nature programs, and the scientists keep constantly, gleefully informing us that human beings are 98.5 percent identical to chimpanzees, because the respective genomes of the two species are 98.5 percent identical? So why should this audio, which makes the famous chimp-human similarity graphically real, be blocked from the public?

The answer is that when the liberal-Darwinist establishment tells us that human beings and chimps are the same, the purpose is to make us believe that we—meaning white Westerners—are animal, not human. But when certain humans, humans belonging to the most backward and therefore the most “protected” nonwhite group, do actually behave like animals, that information is absolutely prohibited and must be concealed.

Liberalism consists in large part of racial socialism. Therefore a central purpose of liberalism is to denigrate and impose unjust disadvantages on the best endowed, best behaving, and most successful race, and to puff up and bestow unjust advantages on the worst endowed, worst behaving, and least successful race.

UPDATE, 2:47 p.m.: Cicero at Big Lie on Parade has found another YouTube version of the same video which works and has posted it at the same page. However, it seems to me that the last part of the video, with the human-morphing-to-chimplike sounds, ends slightly sooner than in the original version, before it reaches its full, jungle-like orchestration.

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