Occupy Wall Street tells us what it wants

As soon as I read this sentence in the second paragraph of Michelle Malkin’s October 21 column,

The crime-plagued Carnival of 1,001 Demands is now focused on one unified agenda item: a soak-the-rich tax on financial transactions worldwide …

I thought: The left’s plan to tax all economic and industrial activity in the world through Cap and Trade having crashed and burned, they’re coming up with another way to do the same thing.

Then, two paragraphs further down in the column, Malkin writes:

The money, say longtime champions of the tax, would go to “fund crucial action against climate change.”


Yet all kinds of wishful thinkers—some of them have been writing to me—are claiming that Occupy Wall Street represents some marvelous new politics transcending the old divisions of right and left.

Also, Malkin skillfully shoots down OWS’s attempt to claim Robin Hood as their symbol:

The original Robin Hood tales of the Middle Ages celebrated a renegade who rose up against property rights violations and taxation abuses. His archenemies were not private traders or bankers, but the local government tax collector, the Sheriff of Nottingham and the power-grabbing ruler, Prince John. Robin Hood, in other words, was far more tea party than flea party.

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