The San Francisco “police”

Paul K. writes:

If you’ve ever wondered how bad things could get for a police department in a major American city, look at the Wikipedia entry for San Francisco’s police chief, Heather Fong. Fong’s qualifications include being Asian-American (though she’s obviously part white) and a militant lesbian.

Freaks in charge: Heather Fong (left), Theresa
Sparks, and Sgt. Stephan Thorne commemorate
the start of the transgender rights movement.

In the photo at her Wikipedia entry, she is standing next to Theresa Sparks and Sgt. Stephan Thorne at a rally commemorating the “Cafeteria Riot” of 1966, the opening battle of the transgender liberation movement.

Sparks is the president of the San Francisco Police Commission and the CEO of a multimillion-dollar sex toy company. “She” started out life as a male but had the operation. Sparks was a Grand Marshall in the 2008 San Francisco Pride Parade.

Sgt. Thorne took a different route to police work, starting out life as a female and, through surgery, becoming a simalcrum of a man. Thorne enjoys the distinction of being the SFPD’s first transgender officer.

I guess it’s crimefighters like these that keep predators like Lovelle Mixon on the Oakland side of the bridge.

April 10

LA writes:

That photo is one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen. Fong, who looks like a Chinese lesbian Nazi (and also seems to be holding an oversized knife blade—was that the blade used for the sex change operations on her colleagues?); then the oversized former male now “female” police commissioner with the tousled hair; then the former female now “male” police officer with the sickly unreal smile on her/his face. Not only are they freekish, and not only are their physical appearances and expressions freakish, but the atmosphere and lighting and the people behind them are also freakish. It’s like something out of hell. Yet it’s a picture of public officials and police in an American city.

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