What is to be done about black interracial violence?

Paul K. writes:

I am sorry to say that, more and more, the rationale for the Jim Crow laws of the pre-Civil Rights South is becoming clear to me. While I do not ask for a return to segregation, I believe it should be within the rights of theater owners to refuse admittance to groups of young blacks. They delight in being loud and disruptive and have such a propensity for violence that it is unreasonable to expect others to put up with it.

You have commented on the fact that despite the constant stream of black-on-white attacks, attacks which have no motivation beyond the joy of inflicting pain and humiliation on hated whites and Asians, this epidemic of racial violence is never acknowledged as such. I recently saw security-camera footage shown on CBS News of an attack by “teens” on a pregnant white girl riding on a Seattle bus.

Is anyone surprised that such attackers almost invariably turn out to be black? In this case, black and female. After the video ended, a related video came up. This showed a powerful black man following a developmentally disabled Asian man off a Seattle bus and beating him. The victim suffered a broken jaw and several fractures. The black man is heard on the security video saying, “”Yeah, they are going to get me for assault four, but I’m going to beat your (expletive).”

A little over a week ago a video was broadcast on TV showing a black high school basketball player assaulting a white ref on the court in front of a crowd of people. Obviously he was not concerned about the repercussions.

The racial aspect is never mentioned. Squishy conservative Lou Dobbs used to show such videos frequently on his CNN show, and would always end up muttering something like, “What’s happened to America’s youth?” Not America’s BLACK youth, just youth in general as if there were no obvious consistency to the crimes.

Warriors in the black intifada may be arrested and punished, but what is the use? Punishment doesn’t deter them, nor does it deter others like them. When the rest of us live under the constant threat of their violence, what comfort is it to us to know that there is a chance they might be punished afterward? Is this the way we want to live?

LA replies:

Refusing to admit groups of young blacks into movie theaters would not have stopped any of the instances of violence you mention. There would have to be a systematic segregation of blacks (or at least of lower class blacks), including separate schools and separate parts of buses, and a systematic readiness on the part of the authorities and of white society generally to come down like a brick wall on any black violator, with punishments stern and swift enough to instill fear in the Feral Black Community. Obviously, with whites at present not even willing to identify the ubiquitous fact of black racial violence, let alone do anything about it, a renewal of segregation is infinitely far away. All we can do is point out the facts of that violence, point out whites’ systematic ignoring of it, and talk about what a sane society would do about this problem.

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