Debate continues at Mangan’s

Hesperado, aka Erich, launched a dishonest, sneakily meanspirited, and contorted attack on me in the current thread at Dennis Mangan’s blog in which he said that my ideas are contorted and incomprehensible and explained it with a theory that I am a gnostic, meaning that I believe that I am the only person who knows the hidden truth in a world of false consciousness, and thus that I radically devalue everything that actually is. A long comment by me was needed to straighten out the record, and it was posted earlier today.

Also, Wade Coriell has posted the best overall defense of my position I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that his comment is exceptionally succinct and explains the main issues very well; it’s that he has brought the debate—specifically, my challenge to a “conservatism” that adheres to or fails to challenge the fundamental axiom of modern liberalism—to a new level of clarity.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 17, 2008 06:21 PM | Send

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