The lethal conjunction of black thugs and white leftists

(Be sure to see the comment by an Indian living in the West about the condition of Great Britain today.)

At the Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips writes about the ongoing slaughter in London streets by “youths” with knives, 33 so far this year. She focuses on an unspeakable (and therefore typical of today’s Britain) official with the absurd name Sir Al Aynsley-Green, who has made it clear that the authorities will do nothing to stop the carnage. I sent the below comment to the Mail:

The Children’s Commissioner, Sir Al Aynsley-Green (a “Sir,” yet!) says that these young knife-murderers are victims of society and that exerting authority on these “children” will only “demonize” them and drive them to further crime. Aynsley-Green is an enemy of Britain and civilization. The people of London should organize a campaign insisting that this man be fired and that no one who shares his beliefs ever be allowed in any responsible position in your country.

At the same time, Melanie Phillips does not once mention that the knife-carrying killers are mainly blacks, who are in Britain solely because of Britain’s non-discriminatory immigration policies of the last several decades. Indeed, in this entire article which is about an epidemic of murder by blacks in London, her sole reference to race is about successful efforts to curb “black crime” in Boston, Massachusetts. Phillips is afraid to mention the fact of black violent crime in Britain, but thinks that by mentioning it in America she gets her point across without actually saying it. How cowardly.

The Mail didn’t see fit to post my comment. The comments they posted make all the usual complaints—we’ve lost old fashioned values, we need to enforce the law, we need to get back respect, etc. Not a single one of the 22 comments recognizes that the repetition of such worthy principles and sentiments will accomplish nothing, so long as Britain remains under the control of a radical leftist ideology that rejects those things and seeks to destroy Britain. So something more than sentiments is needed. Action is needed, protests outside government offices are needed, righteous fury is needed, until the creatures who think like Aynsley-Green are forced from office.

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets greased. I don’t know if that’s a British saying as well as an American one, but this much is clear. A people who make not being squeaky their highest ethical principle, as the British do, are doomed to slavery and extinction. Yes, being pacific and uncomplaining is fine when you have a well-working, harmonious society In the case of the British, it is a mark of a higher level of civilization. But when your society is threatened in its very existence, not making a fuss is suicidal.

Hey, Brits! Start making a fuss!

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Karen in England writes:

Well done. This is a profile of Sir Al. He is a pediatrician, a profession whose members tend to assume the characteristics of their patients, and are puerile and largely unsuited for positions of responsibility. He should be dismissed from office. Knife killings in London have reached epidemic proportions this year with over 33 murders already. This figure does not of course include the daily shootings which are taking place in the largely black areas of London. I wonder why Melanie is afraid to talk about black crime in Britain. After all, the blacks are not Muslims and are not going to come after her. Likewise the new Mayor of London Boris Johnson has nothing to say about black crime despite the recent spate of killings. He has no recognition of this, no ideas and no solutions. As the black population rises due to continued immigration, this violence is going to get worse. I believe that black social problems have gone beyond our ability to solve them or constrain them and the only solution is mass deportation.

An Indian living in the West writes:

Eventually things might become so bad down there that they will have to bring in really harsh punishments.

Having seen plenty of crime in India, one thing which struck me about crime in Britain was the wanton and senseless nature of it. In India, if you get stabbed to death or your house gets broken into it is because the robbers want your money—there is actually a saying in India that if you don’t have gold or cash at home, don’t worry about robbers. This is largely true—the thugs in India are actually very rational beasts. They come from poor families (and they do have families—no single mother households) and want money (which they cannot obtain by hard work or legitimate means), so they resort to crime. I would say that the bulk of street-crime and violent crime in the cities in India is motivated by greed. This is not to justify crime with Marxist theory—but simply to see that there is some rationality among the criminals.

By contrast, in Britain while there is economic crime in the streets, what I saw in the time I spent in Britain off and on was that much of the street crime was just wanton vandalism. Teenage kids (black, white and Asian I might add) would simply smash things to pieces for no economic reason. They would go to a bus stop which had a glass covering and simply smash the glass to pieces every third or fourth night with baseball bats. The “authorities” would come to the spot and diligently replace the glass—only to see it smashed again.

In my experience, the black kids were the worst, but the “white trash” were sometimes equally bad. Im not trying to make a PC argument—just telling you what I saw. The white underclass in Britain must be among the most violent and dissolute white populations on Earth (outside of places like Russia and Albania). Single-motherhood is not just common in the housing estates, it is the norm. Most white girls in these estates get pregnant in their mid-teens, often by black males. Some have abortions, some don’t. The only kids that do have fathers in those poor estates are usually Muslim, and they tend to form their own gangs. Pakistani gangs have actually taken over much of the “turf” in places like Birmingham from black gangs that once controlled those areas—this may be because they are usually cousins and tend to stick together a lot more than the black gang members do.

The judiciary in Britain is filled with old whining liberal idiots. These fossils got their education in the 1960s/70s, grew up in white middle class comfortable families and have never actually experienced any crime themselves. Things got so bad with these stupid judges that even Blair got exasperated with them. They have been known to let child molesters, rapists, drug dealers and the like get off with laughably light sentences. In one instance a barrister in his early 40s was walking home one summer evening after attending a barbecue and was beaten, for no reason, by two teenage kids with baseball bats—he fell unconscious and then went into a coma. He survived but was paralysed for the rest of his life—rendered an invalid; a perfectly healthy middle class man with a family and a good income and a comfortable life. Do you know what sentences those teenagers got? 18 months in prison. Some of the stories are so unreal that I have trouble understanding how any sane man presiding as a judge over such matters could ever hand out a sentence like that. But I think it is fair to say that the judges in Britain are a sick joke.

I think you will find in a decade or two that most British cities will become uninhabitable. Already large parts of London, Birmingham and Manchester are no-go areas for those not wishing to “enriched” by worthless diversity.

It gives me no pleasure to say this but Britain is finished.

James M. writes from England:

I got the sense reading Melanie Phillips’ article that she had said more about blacks and had been edited. The Mail has become politically correct in some important ways. One example is its coverage of a murdered black teenager called Stephen Lawrence, who is Britain’s Matthew Shepard: a minority martyr of the evil white male. His death has been used to bash the white majority and undermine the police since 1993, resulting, inter alia, in many more murders of blacks by blacks, because the police are scared to challenge black criminals for fear of being called racist. The Mail joined the hysteria by openly calling the suspects “murderers” and inviting them to sue for libel.

This won it great kudos among liberals, who saw it as a sign of the Mail’s finally joining the civilized side, i.e. the side that pretends that whites are a threat to blacks and other non-whites, rather than vice versa. Meanwhile, the far more numerous and often far more viciously treated white victims of non-whites are quickly forgotten. Stephen Lawrence died quickly after a chance encounter; Mary-Ann Leneghan died after hours of gang rape and torture.

(If you visit the page, please note how the white-looking Albanian Muslim, neither central nor essential to the crime, has been put in the most prominent position in the killers’ photo.)

Gintas writes:

We can be sure of two things: laws against law-abiding citizens will increase, and nothing will be done about the crime. It’s another instance of White Leftists + Black Thugs yielding Samuel Francis’ Anarcho-Tyranny.

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