Bin Laden in hell

Mercedes D. writes:

I love PhotoShop … and Hieronymus Bosch, too!


LA replies:

I am very glad that bin Laden is dead and in hell, where he has joined the 19 fiends of September 11. But I’m not overjoyed about it. His death, to put it mildly, is anti-climactic, coming nine and a half years after his escape from Tora Bora. It’s pathetic that it took the U.S. so long to locate him, especially as it appears he has spent several years living, not in some cave in the purportedly inaccessible border region of Pashtunistan, but in the large, comfortable house in Pakistan where he was killed. Furthermore, since those emotionally intense and patriotic days of late 2001, even as our military strikes against violent jihadists have continued, we have moved deeper and deeper into suicidal accommodation and surrender to Islam, as seen in (to take the worst single example, here and here) the administration’s and the media’s total cover-up of the Muslim identity and jihadist beliefs of the mass murderer of Fort Hood, a cover-up not protested in the slightest by the Republican party. The enemy is among us, waging jihad against us by a variety of means, and we don’t notice or care. Bin Laden’s death doesn’t change any of that. The mind manipulators of the media and the government want us to be ecstatic about the destruction of bin Laden and to feel that America has won a great victory over its enemies, even as they continue leading us into dhimmitude.

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