The endless grotesque and deadly absurdities produced by the liberal West’s involvement in the Mohammedan East

According to Reuters’ story on the riots in Afghanistan over the burning of Korans, a senior U.S. official said “that the material had been removed from a library at Parwan detention center at the base because of concerns that some was extremist in nature and being used to pass messages among prisoners.”

According to another account I saw (no link), the American officers saw signs or words on the books which indicated to them that they were pro-terrorist documents.

So that’s why they ordered the materials removed from the library and disposed of. They thought there were terrorist books. The irony, of course, is that the Koran is a terrorist book, commanding Muslims to “strike terror” into the hearts of the infidels, as well as to wage endless war on them, kill them, destroy them, flay the skin from their bodies over and over in eternity, and so on. The American officers were such saps, having been told that Islam is a religion of peace, they didn’t know that the pro-terrorist materials they were disposing of were copies of the Holy Koran.

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LA writes:

Diana West has a column on our full-blown accommodation to Islamic law in response to the anti-U.S. riots in Afghanistan.

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