Lesbian Parents, Transgendered Children

This sick story comes from the Daily Mail:

The little boy who started a sex change aged eight because he (and his lesbian parents) knew he always wanted to be a girl

The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young.

Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy.

But Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel warn that children with gender identity disorder forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide. [cont.]

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LA writes:

The title of this entry is a paraphrase of Midge Decter’s early 1970s book, “Liberal Parents, Radical Children.” Somehow that title lends itself to ever more far-out and freaky variations.

October 10

JC in Houston writes:

This is truly appalling and yet one more reason why homosexual “parents” should not be allowed to adopt. There is no such thing as a gender change. You can hack and mutilate and inject all you want, but the chromosomes will still be the same. These selfish women are actively engaged in turning this little boy into a freak, God knows how he may regret it in later life.

What else would you expect without a father in the picture?

Alissa writes:

It’s saddening to see the exaltation and approval of single parents, homosexuals, polygamists and every other union except the nuclear family with a father and a mother.

Jonah O. writes:

Interesting story. I am glad to see that this 11-year-old boy has such a clear picture of his adult “destiny” that he has the capability to informedly consent to the surgical removal of his penis.

As this is a normal practice for liberated, modern people, I have no doubt that, were we to follow up with this child in 25 years, we would find a healthy, well-adjusted adult who is coping well with his life.

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