The GOP’s leading voice on foreign affairs says “Yay, Morsi!”

Daniel S. writes:

A Coptic Christian woman in Egypt has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for reconverting to Christianity after the death of her Muslim husband. This story is representative of the new, democratic Egypt that America has helped create and continues to sponsor.

Indeed, despite the revelations that Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi had previously expressed violently anti-Semitic views, John McCain, still regarded as a Republican leader, has expressed his support for Morsi as well as his willingness to push for another $480 million in foreign aid for Egypt.

LA replies:

The unassimilable non-West, particularly Islam, threatens our civilization from without, and moral nihilism, typified by the movement for sexual and marriage “equality,” threatens it from within. As we see from this and the preceding entry, the conservative/Republican faction either supports or fails to oppose both those ruinous forces.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 20, 2013 06:05 PM | Send

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