The Dutch riots

Eric E. writes:

Surprised you haven’t commented on the Dutch anti-immigrant riots. Will be interesting to see how the EU governments react to “their own” people fighting back against the occupation and takeover of their countries. Oddly, I suspect we both know which group those governments will side with.

Since the news coverage on this seemed scant and not very clear, I asked Dutch VFR reader “Snouck Hurgronje” about it (he names himself after the famous early 20th century Dutch scholar on Islam), and he kindly wrote back:

Well, the riots were just in Utrecht as far as I know. The rioters were two groups: people from the Ondiep neighbour hood. Ondiep is a “village” in the city of Utrecht. It has strong social cohesion. Ondiep has 12.928 residents. 71 percent Ethnic Dutch, 6 percent Turks and 6 percent Maroccans. The trouble has been brewing for a long time, with residents requesting police protection against Turkish groups who intimidate residents. This kind of tension can be seen in many places in The Netherlands.

Sunday afternoon about 10 Turkish youths were intimidating a pregant Dutch woman. Rinie Mulder was walking home with a friend from the pub and they were friends of the father of the woman. Mr. Mulder called the police, which he had done more than 30 times before. They confronted the Turkish youths and a fight ensued.

The police came in the form of 1 (or 2) motor police men.

According to the newspapers Rinie Mulder had pulled a knife. (There are accounts that Mulder wrestled the knife from one of the youths, and that he held it up in the air to “show, that he had called the police”). The policeman shot Mr. Mulder. There is a persistent rumour that the policeman is a Moroccan woman. The police has denied this, but the identity of the shooter has not been revealed. Mr. Mulder died soon.

Mr. Mulder was well-regarded in Ondiep and a member of a dart club. His sons are supporters of FC Utrecht.

The result of the news of the killing was a small riot by White youth in the Ondiep neighbourhood. On Monday and Tuesday there were big riots. The Ondiep rioters were reinforced by FC Utrecht fans and people from other cities. The Utrecht mayor was so intimidated that she did not turn up for a meeting with aggrieved family and friends. Both the police and immigrant youth were the target of the riots. A former police station was burned down and some police cars (2) were burned.

The media and goverment spinned the event. They blamed the riots on hooligans from outside Utrecht. However more than a third of the 130 arrests were of Ondiep people.

It turned out that the police has improved their preparedness for this kind of events since 2002. The police mounted cameras on masts in the neigbourhood and blocked all entrances with a steel fence and police men. Not even medical staff for seriously ill people was admitted entrance.

On Thursday there was a silent march organised by friends and family of Mr. Mulder. The march was attended by 2.000 people. The marchers had organised their own security group (“orde dienst”). The orde dienst and the march were organised by a local shopowner, Gradus Kwarten, and the sons of mr. Mulder and is said to have a strength of 50 to 100 men. The organisers say they have no trust in the police.

The authorities have made encouraging sounds about the security group. This is a typical, ussually vigilantes are strongly discouraged.

Wilders pf the Freedom Party has called for immediate debate on the riots. Other parties have postphoned it to next week.

The latest news is that tonight the steel gates will be open but there will remain a strong presence of Riot Police plus the mounted cameras.

A few months ago there were riots between blacks and Moroccans in Amsterdam in a neighbourhood next to the neighbourhood I live in. The cause of the riot was a Moroccan killed by a Black in a dispute over a parking place.

With continued immigration these riots will not become less frequent.

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