Why Asian immigrants, though well-behaved, are nevertheless a disaster for America

In the still-continuing entry on “The ineluctable racial incompatibilities that are bringing us to destruction,” a reader describes his Asian immigrant in-laws and how they feel about America. The problem is that, while they are lovely people in themselves, they are simply not interested in this country other than as a source of nice things to purchase.

Of course, we cannot entirely blame them for this, since Americans themselves, when discussing immigration, constantly speak about America as nothing but a source of nice things. “People are coming here not because they hate America, but because they want to enjoy our freedoms and the goods and opportunities America has to offer.” As though that were a good thing. As though the vision of America as a gigantic shopping mall, in which even our freedom is nothing but a commodity to be enjoyed by new arrivals, is a stable basis for the continuation and survival of our culture and nation.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 01, 2012 10:32 PM | Send

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