The metaphysical core of anti-whiteness

In a remarkably cogent blog entry, Mark Richardson shows (1) that according to liberalism, all whites are racist; (2) that “anti-racism” is therefore simply a campaign to destroy the white race and its civilization; and (3) that liberals hate the white race because they see it as a symbol of the spiritual order or authority that is external to the self and thus limits the freedom of the self. In short, liberals hate whites, and thus their own whiteness, for the same reason that they hate God.

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Matthew H. writes:

I left this comment at Oz Conservative:

One of their motives?

Leftism is, at its root, anti-Christ. Europe is the place where Christianity established itself, and the European culture is overwhelmingly Christian. Therefore, whiteness is identified with Christ and vice versa. If one wants to annihilate the presence of Christ in the world, not just his concrete, outward manifestations (churches, public prayer, outdoor crosses, etc.) but his Spirit as well, one must attack whiteness. Ultimately this means genocide. In the meantime there is: the “anti-racism” industry, the hard anti-Christian line in public schools, the “affirmative action” racket, the “sexual revolution,” the sodomy lobby, demonization and demoralization via the media, the disincentivization of Christian and traditionally white virtues like thrift and prudence through rampant inflation, government subsidization of profligacy, etc. All of it heavily pushed by our “liberal” (anti-Christ) ascendent classes.

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