Lies and illusions breaking down before our eyes

While President Bush keeps up his absurd pretense that he wants to enforce our immigration laws, Daniel Pipes keeps up his absurd pretense that there is such a thing as moderate Islam, and that this moderate Islam is the real Islam, while radical Islam, or “Islamism,” is an unrepresentative, modern offshoot of the real article. “It’s not a war on Islam, it’s a war on Islamism, a radical, utopian ideology,” he was quoted saying today in the New York Sun, as part of his critical response to Orianna Fallaci’s stem-winding, 80-minute-long speech at a New York fund-raising event of which he was the (visibly unhappy, according to people who were there) co-host.

About which a correspondent remarks:

Pipes is an idiot. The Islamic umma is waging a war on the entire non-Muslim world, just as they have done since the pedophile Prophet began attacking and subduing his co-inhabitants of ancient Arabia.

This has nothing to do with Pipes pronouncing Islam with some kind of a Daffy Duck-like lisp as “Islam-ism.”

LA to correspondent:

That’s a riot. You’ve captured the silliness, the fatuousness, the unreality, of that little extra “ism.”

“Oh, no, people, it’s not Iswam. It’s Iswamism!”

Correspondent to LA:

Love that…Same genre,…We NEED to invoke ridicule!!

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