Asian immigration transforming Texas town

JC writes:

I currently live in an affluent suburban city in the Houston Metro area. Today I went to our postal substation to pick up a letter and happened to notice that I was the only white person in the building. There were about ten customers present and with the exception of two African Americans, all were either Asian/Indian (not the native kind) or Chinese / East Asian. All of the postal employees were either Indian or Chinese/Vietnamese. There are a couple of African-Americans who work there along with an older white woman who seems to be the only Caucasian working there, but they were not present today. One of these Chinese (I’m guessing) postal clerks has such deficient English language skills that one can hardly understand her. Twenty five years ago our small city was about 85 percent white, but is now overrun with Indians and East Asians. Now we natives are the “foreigners.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 14, 2011 10:03 AM | Send

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