The anti-white left and the non pro-white right, cont.

Last evening in the entry, “The anti-white left and the non pro-white right,” I said that conservatives will neither identify nor oppose the anti-white politics of the left, because that would mean (a) saying that race matters, and (b) defending themselves as whites; and in the minds of mainstream white conservatives any notion that race matters, let alone any idea of defending white people as white people, is utterly disgusting and immoral, and they automatically veer away from it. Thus the white conservatives, by their sincere and determined race-blindness, make themselves helpless before the anti-white left which seeks the moral delegitimization of white conservatives, and, ultimately, the destruction of white Western societies.

Here is an example of what I was talking about, sent by Paul Nachman. Rep. Steven King of Iowa made the undeniable point that Obama favors blacks over whites. Here’s what happened next, as reported by the AP:

As news of King’s remarks spread, GOP House candidate Cory Gardner of Colorado canceled a planned $100 per-plate fundraiser where King was to speak. King’s appearance was also canceled at a Colorado tea party gathering where he was scheduled to appear.

“His comments do not represent the tea party,” said Owen Loftus, a spokesman for Republican Ken Buck, who is running for Senate in Colorado.

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