How many additional white people will be robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered because of the Martin-Zimmerman event?

Max P. writes:

Last evening you predicted that within a week at most “the entire Martin-Zimmerman affair will have disappeared without a trace from the mainstream media.”

Though this case may disappear, it will have a chilling effect on whites and others who try to protect their neighborhoods. With all the scrutiny and threats being directed at Zimmerman, how many people are now going to be intimidated away from joining neighborhood watches, or from going with their gut instincts when they see suspicious blacks in their neighborhood? The end result will be an increase in crime as many will become too afraid to defend their turf, lest they receive the Zimmerman treatment.

And the media will be to blame. Just as they are to blame for the cases you routinely point out in which whites, especially women, fall victim to blacks. Like the woman who was kidnapped and raped after walking to her car because she did not want to appear racist by waiting for the strange black man lurking near it to leave. Or the woman doctor in Atlanta who was murdered after letting a young black man come unescorted to look at her condo because she didn’t want him to think she didn’t trust him.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

I agree with Mr. Auster’s prediction. I also see the possibility of an insidious after effect: white people will become more hesitant to defend themselves against black attacks. The Zimmerman-Martin imbroglio demonstrates what can happen to a white person who dares to fight back: the entire liberal establishment, right up to the office of the president, will pounce with the ferocity of rabid pit bull. We saw exactly this happen to Bernhard Goetz. He too dared to defend himself, and incurred the wrath of the New York City government-media complex. Even the out-of-town pol, the odious U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Arlen Specter, saw fit to inject himself into campaign against Goetz by demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor. Recall how the first grand jury refused to indict Goetz for attempted murder. Then political and media pressure made DA Morgenthau ask for a second grand jury. However the judge who convened the second grand jury dismissed its indictment because of perjured testimony, and Goetz’s reasonable plea of self defense. Then the New York Court of Appeals, in a blatantly political decision, reinstated the indictment. As we know Goetz was later acquitted of attempted murder. As is all too obvious, Zimmerman is being put through the same meat grinder only with national instead of local scope. That meat grinder will not give up until an innocent person is put on trial to appease the black community. I fear that, in order to avoid a similar fate, many white people will not defend themselves.

Thanks to the media, more sheep will be led to the wolves.

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Alan M. writes:

You’ve likely stated this elsewhere, but what is the difference in the script between our dealings with Muslims and our dealings with blacks, either in how we choose as a people to act or how they act against us? Nothing. Different antagonist, same script, same outcome. Of course there are differences involving proximity and numbers, but that only affects the level of fear and hence the speed and magnitude of our reaction. In many respects, we can look at our relationships with both of these groups and see the future of our relationships with each of them in the other.

It is a chilling observation.

LA replies:

The problem you speak of is at the heart of modern liberalism—the belief that whites are guilty of discriminatory, bigoted, deeply wicked treatment of nonwhites and non-Westerners. This message, disseminated constantly by liberals, fortifies nonwhites’ feeling that they are justified in hating and harming whites, as I wrote in a short piece in American Renaissance in 1994, “Murder on the Long Island Rail Road.”

As for Muslims, they didn’t need Western liberalism to tell them that they are justified in hating and killing Westerners and other non-Muslims: their own religion amply and authoritatively tells them that. But Western liberalism adds a new twist to the situation: whenever Muslim extremists harm Westerners, the Westerners tell each other, “We deserved this. It is up to us to take steps that will make the Muslims feel better disposed toward us.” Such sentiments simultaneously disarm the Westerners and egg on the Muslims to greater contempt and further aggression.

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