Obama says, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”; and, the TRUTH of why Zimmerman shot Trayvon

(In a comment I discuss the truth about the incident which America’s evil, pro-savage, anti-civilization liberal establishment has suppressed and lied about.)

Whites are being savagely assaulted, raped, and murdered every week in this country by white-hating blacks, and the mainstream media and official opinion never deign to notice it. But one black hoodlum gets killed by a neighborhood security guard, and the nation becomes transfixed on the problem of anti-black racism.

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Josh W. writes:

I agree that the amount of attention that the Martin case has garnered is ridiculous considering the abundance of savage crimes committed (primarily by blacks) on a daily basis. But what crimes did Martin commit that earned him the title of “hoodlum?” I’m not aware of any. As I have said repeatedly to my leftist acquaintances, there is simply not enough evidence available right now to determine the sequence of events that occurred leading up to Martin’s death.

LA replies:

It is reported in detail, by Kyle Rogers in the Charlotte Conservative Examiner (thanks to Wayne Lutton for sending), that the witness at the scene told police that Martin had Zimmerman on the ground and was punching him when Zimmerman shot him:

1. The witness reports that George Zimmerman was on the ground and Trayvon is on top of him punching him.

2. The witness says that George Zimmerman was screaming and yelling for help.

3. Police arrive and find Zimmerman bleeding on his face and the back of his head. He also has had grass stains on his back. All this confirms the story told by Zimmerman and the witness.

4. Police play the 911 tape for Trayvon Martin’s father, who tells police that the voice screaming is not the voice of his son.

This entire incident, both the death of the black criminal and the public response to it, is exactly like the infamous incident in Washington Heights in the early 1990s when a police officer shot a Hispanic (though possibly a black Hispanic Dominican) drug dealer to death, and the city, including Mayor Dinkins, went wild over the white police’ racist treatment of nonwhites, and there were riots in Washington Heights that tore the city apart, and the police in response effectively ceased to operate in Washington Heights, surrendering the area to minority criminals and their facilitators in the general Washington Heights population.

It turned out that the officer had been grappling desperately with the thug, who was trying to get his gun. All this was recorded on the officer’s phone or walky talky while he was fighting for his life. But the truth only came out AFTER Dinkins (who, like Obama, was elected on the basis of his being a “non-angry black” who would bring the city together) sided with the thug and paid a condolence call to his family.

In his article on the Florida event Kyle Rogers brings out many more facts, such as that Zimmerman is not white, as reported by the media, but a man of mixed, obviously Hispanic and Mestizo background; that Travyvon Martin was not the baby faced youngster of a few years ago shown in media photos, but a hulking 6’ 2” grown man; that Martin was not a “model student,” as reported by the media, but was on a five day suspension from school when the incident took place.

Josh W. writes:

Since we do not know exactly what transpired during the initial moments of the confrontation, I think it is quite possible that Zimmerman—despite having noble intentions—appeared to Martin to be a threat, as he was armed and demanding information from him (we don’t even know if Zimmerman identified himself or stated his intentions when he approached Martin). If we assume that Zimmerman did not adequately identify himself, then Martin would have been justified in subduing him physically. In such a situation, I would not fault Zimmerman for using lethal force against Martin, because from his point of view he is being attacked despite not having malicious intent against Martin.

I am not claiming that this is the sequence of events that occurred. It is just one possibility. But given that we do not know what occurred between these two men leading up to Martin’s death, I think it is inappropriate to simply label him a “thug” or a “hoodlum.”


That seems a fair point, pending further information.

C. from North America writes:

Have you seen the picture of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer described by the various organs of the Ministry of Truth as a “white”? (Some have now switched to “white Hispanic.”) Here’s a VDARE entry which has a photo.


Looks mestizo—even predominantly Indian—to me. There were a fair number of Germans who emigrated to Mexico in the 19th century, so German names like Zimmerman are not unknown there.

Wayne Lutton writes:

You are always welcome. I am glad I stumbled across that Examiner item. I won’t be surprised if many more whites are attacked by blacks, using the excuse of ‘getting even’ for this Trayvon Martin case.

Dan R. writes:

Conservative “great black hope” Allen West has issued his pronouncement on the Trayvon Martin death, reaching the politically correct conclusion while denying that race is the issue here. Somehow the line of conservative black hopefuls, from Alan Keyes to Herman Cain, always manages to disappoint, but can anyone doubt that this will not slow the quest of white conservatives for a political savior? Certainly not National Review Online, whose writer applauded the statement.

West’s statement:

I have sat back and allowed myself time to assess the current episode revealing itself in Sanford, Florida involving the shooting of 17-year-old Treyvon Martin. First of all, if all that has been reported is accurate, the Sanford Police Chief should be relieved of his duties due to what appears to be a mishandling of this shooting in its early stages. The U.S. Navy SEALS identified Osama Bin Laden within hours, while this young man laid on a morgue slab for three days. The shooter, Mr Zimmerman, should have been held in custody and certainly should not be walking free, still having a concealed weapons carry permit. From my reading, it seems this young man was pursued and there was no probable cause to engage him, certainly not pursue and shoot him….against the direction of the 911 responder. Let’s all be appalled at this instance not because of race, but because a young American man has lost his life, seemingly, for no reason. I have signed a letter supporting a DOJ investigation. I am not heading to Sanford to shout and scream, because we need the responsible entities and agencies to handle this situation from this point without media bias or undue political influences. This is an outrage.

Hannon writes:

The comments on Facebook following the Charlotte Conservative Examiner article you linked are interesting.

Mostly reflexive liberal mindlessness but also a fair share of comments from people who understand that the central theme of the story is that the loss of black life matters when it is at the hands of whites or “close enough to white” killers, but matters very little when blacks kill whites or other blacks.

Paul K. writes:

Last weekend there were a record number of shootings in Chicago, with 46 people wounded and nine killed. These were attributed to gang activity, so we can assume that most or all were black-on-black violence. However, that is not nearly of as much interest to the media as the death of a single black, Trayvon Martin, apparently because he was shot by someone not of his own color.

The hysteria over the Martin shooting illustrates once again Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations [LA replies: namely in its iteration that the worse the behavior of a designated nonwhite group, the more racist whites are for noticing it]. Because we know that young black males like Martin are many times more likely than any other group to commit crime, it is unforgivable that Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin simply because he was a young black male. Further, because the hoodie garment is a favorite of criminals, allowing its wearer to conceal his face, Zimmerman must be doubly condemned for being suspicious of a young black male wearing a hoodie. Incredibly, there has already been a “Million Hoodie March” in New York City, with liberals honoring Martin by wearing his chosen garment and protesting that whites who wear hoodies are not considered suspicious. (And why is that?) Geraldo Rivera, with whom I rarely agree, has been widely excoriated for saying he thought it was unwise for black parents to let their boys go out wearing hoodies. How dare he reinforce negative stereotypes about young black males by suggesting they not dress like hoodlums?

Elli writes:

I don’t know which makes me angrier, the media milking this for the Narrative: White racist male gun-owning vigilantes are a deadly threat and black people are victims, or people on the right who condemn Trayvon Martin without evidence and exonerate George Zimmerman without evidence.

There’s no question that there was a fight, that Martin was on top and Zimmerman was on the ground and getting the worst of it and yelling for help. But how did they get to that point? [LA replies: You say there’s “no question that Martin was on top and beating Zimmerman. Has there been “no question” of that the mainstream coverage? Has it been a given in mainstream coverage that Martin was beating Zimmerman, or has it been concealed? My first approach to this story (and today is the first time I’ve focused on it) was the Charlotte Examiner’s column showing the untruths being propagated by the establishment. Those untruths , if that is what they are, are so egregious that it is not reasonable of you to come along and say that they don’t exist and that the media has been honestly stating that Martin was beating Zimmerman, but that this doesn’t matter, because Zimmerman should not have been trailing Martin in any case.]

If you listen to Zimmerman’s 911 call, he was seething with rage and frustration, his voice shaking with adrenaline. “A——, they always get away.” And a bit later, under his breath, in a venomous tones, “F——coons” or “F——punks.” What if he was determined this one would not get away?

He initially told the police that he got out his car to look at a street sign—this in a small neighborhood with all of three streets that he had lived in and patrolled for years. Not credible.

If you listen to him yelling for help in the background of the woman’s 911 call, he does not sound like a man being badly hurt, or in dreadful fear of death. His voice is deep, and regular like an alarm, not interrupted by blows, not shrill and panicked. His injuries were minor—a laceration to the back of his head, a bloody nose. Wet back. No hospitalization, no broken bones, no concussion.

Now look at it from Martin’s point of view. He’s being followed by a man who is staring at him intently. The man is radiating hostility and emotional disturbance. He tells the girl he’s talking to about this man, says he’s just going to walk fast, not run. If you take Zimmerman at his word, you might as well believe this girl.

We don’t really know what happened next. That part wasn’t witnessed. Did Martin stalk Zimmerman while talking to this girl and then attack him from behind? Did Zimmerman approach Martin aggressively, threaten him, tell him he wasn’t going anywhere, try to grab him?

Martin was a tall boy, an athlete. I know lots of tall boys, athletes. It’s not his doing the media picked a younger, sweeter, smaller version of him to show. [LA replies: No one here has blamed Martin for the photo of himself. The issue was the media’s typical presentation of the most innocent and harmless possible image of blacks involved in crimes. Evidently you know nothing of that.] He’s dead. He had nothing to do with it. Being tall and athletic does not make him a hoodlum. Have you ever known any boys who were suspended from school? I have. My own son was suspended. Of those boys, one was a psychopath. None of the others were criminals. They were “boys being boys.” Badly behaved, fighting each other, defending themselves, seeing if they could hack the school computers—boys—testosterone-filled, rule-breaking, immature young men. [LA replies: This must be the first time in its ten year history that anyone at VFR has used the hoary liberal cliché that being “testosterone-filled” is grounds for young males to be excused for their behavior.] Not hoodlums. Not criminals. I’m guessing if Martin had a juvenile record, the authorities would have released it in the early days, to back up the likelihood of him attacking Zimmerman, and to cover themselves. [LA replies: First, you have to do something fairly serious to be suspended from school for five days. Second, the point of bringing up the suspension was not to establish Martin’s guilt in the encounter, but to show the falsity of the major media description of Martin as a model student. If he was in the midst of a five day suspension, he was not a model student, period. If Martin is so innocent, why has the media been disseminating a dishonest portrayal of him as a doe-like model student?]

Which brings us to the authorities—their “investigation” was worthless. They took Zimmerman’s word that he shot in self-defense at face value, they had testimony that Zimmerman was getting the worst of it when he shot Martin. Easy case, case closed. But they do not know how the fight started. There is no claim of self-defense if Zimmerman started it. They did not test Zimmerman for drugs or alcohol. They don’t seem to have preserved the crime scene—or violent death scene, if you will. They don’t seem to have reconstructed the shooting.

Zimmerman called 911 forty-six times in a little over a year. That seems like a lot, even with the high burglary rate in his neighborhood. I take care of psychologically needy, attention-seeking patients who call 911 rather frequently for ambulance rides. I’m pegging Zimmerman as much the same, only instead of being sick, he sees suspicious characters. He’s unemployed; he’s had legal difficulty with a past employer; he was charged with assaulting an officer. Being the Neighborhood Watch may be the source of his self-worth and sense of importance.

I started out predisposed to take Zimmerman’s side, because of the statistical realities and my subsequent mistrust of black people. But he is triggering my alarms for instability, and poor judgment, and frustration, and a sense of failure—an explosive mix. He is culpable at least for provoking the confrontation—what would you do if you were stalked? He may well have started the actual fight. Martin wasn’t so physically intimidating to him that he stayed locked in his car. His given reason for leaving the car is not credible. That throws the rest of his story into doubt.

Trayvon Martin was at the very least owed a proper investigation into his homicide. He didn’t get that. Our civil society, our social order requires it. We didn’t get that.

Please don’t transfer your anger at the media bias and the liberal machinations to Trayvon Martin. [LA replies: this is a false argument. I based what I said on That night he was walking back to the place where he was staying with his father, and an angry man began to follow him. Judge from there.

LA replies:

I agree that I do not know that Trayvon was a criminal or a thug. As I said, I based that description on the fact that he was on top of Martin and beating him up, a fact the major media have apparently concealed. If Trayvon was so on the up and up, why didn’t he simply stop and tell Martin that he had legitimate business in the neighborhood, instead of first fleeing him and then fighting him? You seem oblivious to the common attitude in the black community that blacks should not respond to police and other authority figures who ask them questions, but should automatically resist them. This is what black elite barbarians like Michael Eric Dyson told blacks to do after the Amadou Diallo affair—that blacks instead of stopping when police want to speak go them, should ignore or resist them, which is the very behavior that Diallo pursued that got him killed. That is the threatening, suicidal behavior toward police which is normal in the black community, and for which authority figures, namely “white racist cops” and other authroity figures are blamed, even when, like Zimmerman, they are not white, but fulfill the role in the liberal script of being the bigoted white who is the source of all wickedness. To discuss this case while ignoring that all-too-typical black behavior, and without considering it fairly likely that Trayvon was himself engaging in such behavior, is not honest.

Is it possible that Zimmerman was in a hyped-up aggressive state of mind and was following Martin in a threatening way and that Martin was reasonably protecting himself? Yes. If the homicide was not investigated, obviously that was wrong. But your context-free discussion of the affair—in which you ignore the constants of black behavior toward authority figures and the massive lies systematically told by the media to cover up black behavior, puts your own interpretation into doubt.

James N. writes:

The shooter broke every rule in the book for civilian concealed carry, but may be innocent of a crime because of the Florida “stand your ground” law. In general, and prior to the Florida law, you cannot plead self-defense regarding the use of lethal force in an altercation that you started or which you could have prevented from escalating, but didn’t. Florida’s new law may create a safe space for Zimmerman in that you can use deadly force to “stand your ground” in any place you have a right to be—as long as you are in fear of your life.

Of course, the obsession over this case while whites suffer worse, every day, is a sign of a very sick society.

But you knew that.

Wayne Lutton writes:

I just found this article in the Orlando, FL newspaper. His father confirms that he is from a multi-racial family and suffered injuries in his confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

Ray G. writes:

Rick Moran wrote at American Thinker today:

“Why should the leader of the free world dive head first into a racial controversy that has been blown far, far out of proportion by those who seek to use the death of a young black man for their own personal agendas?

A Hispanic man shoots a black kid where no one knows the exact circumstances in which the shooting occurred and where we are likely never to know what happened. Instead of waiting for the facts, narratives have replaced truth and we have a full blown racial incident when it isn’t even clear that race was a factor.

“Obama could have said—should have said—‘no comment.’ Instead, he sought out an opportunity to stoke the fires of race hate.”

Reuters reported early this morning:
Police chief in “Stand Your Ground” killing steps down

SANFORD, Florida (Reuters)—A local police chief and a Florida state prosecutor overseeing the case of an unarmed black teenager shot dead by a neighborhood watch captain stepped aside on Thursday following withering criticism and national outrage that police have declined to arrest the shooter.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee’s resignation—which he called “temporary”—failed to appease civil rights and community leaders who are calling for the arrest of watch captain George Zimmerman, 28, who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and claimed self-defense.

Lee was under mounting pressure for days and suffered a “no confidence” vote from the city commission on Wednesday. The shakeup at the state level was more surprising as Gov. Rick Scott replaced Tallahassee’s lead investigator and formed a task force to review Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law.

Police have said this law, which allows people to use deadly force when they perceive danger in any public place, prevented them from arresting Zimmerman, a white Hispanic who has disappeared from public view.

Zimmerman’s father has said his son has been unfairly vilified. He called him a friend of minorities whose true nature was being distorted by national calls for his arrest and allegations that he pursued Martin just because he was black.

Coupled with at least two prior cases that stoked black anger toward the police, the response to the Martin episode had grown so intense Lee said he had no option but to step aside as “my involvement in the matter is overshadowing the process.” [cont.]

Brandon F. writes:

If this situation is not tamed soon it may result in more black riots after the Rodney King cops acquittal. I haven’t seen anything about charges yet but I suspect there will be to respond to the pressure.

March 24

Clark Coleman writes:

Elli said:

Zimmerman called 911 forty-six times in a little over a year. That seems like a lot, even with the high burglary rate in his neighborhood.

The Miami Herald story I read says that Zimmerman has called the police forty-six times since 2001, which is not quite the same picture as forty-six times in a year.

LA writes:

I am still not clear on whether Zimmerman had some quasi official or recognized position with the neighborhood, or was purely a freelancer. Different media accounts have described it differently.

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