Why the possibility of incremental five-year additions to Breivik’s prison term if he is deemed a “danger to society” is no answer

Timothy A. writes:

I wish that someone would explain to our thick-headed Norwegian friends that the outrage being expressed at the maximum 21-year sentence that can be applied in the case of the killer Breivik has nothing to do with the fear that a freed 53-year-old Breivik might kill another 76 people, and everything to do with the lack of an appropriate punishment for this horrendous crime, and hence the lack of justice. Therefore, pointing to the possibility of continuing protective custody is a totally inadequate response to the outrage.

According to the liberal world view as evidenced in Norway, all humans are equal, all humans are good. Therefore monsters like Breivik are either mentally ill or the victim of bad circumstances. In either case, the liberal state must treat them; cure them—not punish them. It is this view and its end result—a horrifying lack of justice—that the outrage is directed against. The rot is indeed deep.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 27, 2011 02:44 PM | Send

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