The Thinking Housewife on the death of a feminist saint

Concerning a “tour de force of feminist beatification,” namely the New York Times’ front page obituary for lesbian leftist poet Adrienne Rich, Laura Wood writes:

Rich’s mother, we are told, forsook her career because she was “cleaving to the social norms of the day.” I guess it hadn’t even occurred to her to become a lesbian poet. Fortunately, Rich was able to escape her own domestic hell and become a leftist working for the “creation of a society without domination”—except of course domination by lesbian leftists and The New York Times. Though she sold almost a million copies of her books, Rich, a graduate of Radcliffe, was “triply marginalized,” as a lesbian, a Jew and …. what was it, oh yeah… a woman. If only she’d been black. Then she would have been quadruply marginalized and might have sold millions. (If only I could be doubly marginalized, I might be rich and oppressed too. Alas, I am just singly marginalized, and not very good at it.)

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 30, 2012 12:41 PM | Send

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