How conservatives validate and empower liberalism, cont.

Hannon writes:

Thank you so much for your revelations in this entry. You made it crystal clear how mainstream conservatives are an essential component of liberalism, because they distinguish their positions from liberalism only by a time delay offset. For me, this is one of the most significant insights you have presented in the last year or two.

- end of initial entry -

Karl D. writes:

I agree with Hannon and think this point should be injected into the ether wherever and whenever possible. I never thought too much about of the conservative validation of liberalism until you boiled it down. I would guess that a lot of other people have not given it much thought either, as they are too caught up with the outrage of the day. As you said before, how can conservatism be taken seriously if what was a hard position ten years ago is now thrown off. Something that happens over and over and over again. We begin to look like children and the liberals as the wise, patient and corrective parents. How is that for a repugnant thought?

LA replies:

” … too caught up with the outrage of the day.”

How’s that for a definition of conservatism?

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