Obama’s hilarious post modern shuffle

Ben W. writes:

According to Obama (“President calls the officer, blames overreaction on both sides”), both were wrong and both were right. Both over-reacted but both are good people. That’s how post-racial transcendence works. Ah, the dialectical mind. As clear as black and white.

Obama says he is concerned that the issue had been “ratcheted up” and that “in my choice of words that I think I unfortunately gave an impression that I was maligning the Cambridge police department and Sgt. Crowley specifically. And I could have calibrated those words differently. And I told this to Sgt. Crowley.”

As for the Gates arrest itself, Obama says, “I continue to believe, based on what I have heard, that there was an overreaction in pulling Prof. Gates out of his home to the station. I also continue to believe based on what I heard, that Prof. Gates probably overreacted as well.

My sense is that you’ve got two good people in a circumstance that neither of them were able to resolve the incident in the way that it should have been resolved and the way that they would have liked for it to be resolved.”

LA writes:

In an earlier entry, I argued that Obama’s frequent idiocy complements his destructive leftism. But this is a case where he is simply an idiot. A liberal idiot who can’t think his way out of a paper bag and doesn’t know it.

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