Britain is dead, a collection

Below are the blog articles I wrote on this theme in early 2007.

When you gonna wake up? (February 27)

Four-year olds in Britain being taught homosexual fairy tales (March 12)

When you gonna wake up? (II) (March 18)

Britain is dead, long live Britain (some day) (March 24)

Two responses to the death of Britain: the prophetic and the ironic (March 27)

Good Friday for Great Britain? (April 6)

Britain’s Ministry of Defense tells released hostages they can sell their story to the media (April 9)

Britain (April 12)

Can the dead come back to life? (April 12)

Another sign of the death of Britain(April 16)

An elegy to murdered England (April 24)

The unspeakable decadence of Britain’s governing elites (April 26)

Brits fall again for obvious Muslim ploy (July 8)

Also, this article, written slightly earlier than the earliest article in the above list, does not say that Britain is dead, but is subtantially saying it.

The mystery is explained: Why, with the enemy inside the gates, acting as the enemy, Britain still doesn’t react (January 21, 2007)

After writing the above entries, I felt I had done enough on this and left off saying that Britain was “dead.” But around 2009, I started again occasionally picking up on the idea.

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