What America has become

In response to the news about the kidnapping and rape of a college student by Mexican illegal aliens in Dallas, Bill Carpenter writes:

Americans need to realize, based on the frequency of savage crimes such as the one reported in this story: our country is a wilderness. Wolves are circling our houses. When we go out we are in danger of being attacked. Even in our houses, we are in danger. We should take appropriate precautions, including hunting down the wolves.

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December 13

James S. writes:

I think you might be as amazed as I was by this internet encyclopedia entry on the Wolves of Paris and also perhaps we can draw a moral lesson from it. Bill Carpenter says we should be hunting down the predators in our midst. Well, in fifteenth century Paris they knew what to do:

The Wolves of Paris were a man-eating wolf pack that entered Paris during the winter of 1450 through breaches in the city walls, killing forty people. A wolf named Courtaud, or “Bobtail”, was the leader of the pack. Eventually the wolves were destroyed when Parisians, furious at the depredations, lured Courtaud and his pack into the heart of the city, where they were stoned and speared to death before the gates of Notre Dame Cathedral.

There’s not a lot of description in the entry but I can imagine being there, can’t you? ” … before the gates of Notre Dame” is my favorite part of the story.

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