Is the Republican resurgence a white resurgence?

Writing the day after the elections, the blogger at Stuff Black People Don’t Like, taking the opposite approach from Richard Spencer, hopefully ventured that the election may signal the beginning of a white awakening in this country. But just as I disagree with Spencer’s total pessimism, I must disagree with SBPDL’s more reasonably stated optimism. The fact that white conservatives are supporting things that happen to be good for white people and opposing things that happen to be bad for white people, does not mean that they are ready to defend themselves as whites against the anti-white white left and the anti-white nonwhites.

I can illustrate this by means of an anecdote. Once, years ago, I went to Jones Beach with a friend. Loud radios were everywhere. We asked a lifeguard if there was a place on the beach where radios were not allowed, and were told there was one. We went to that area. It was a blissfully quiet oasis without radios playing. It also was completely white, while the rest of the beach was mostly nonwhite.

Many conservatives whites will ask for the radio-free area, and thus find themselves in an all-white part of the teach. But they will never explicitly identify the connection between whiteness and no radios. They will not say to themselves, “If I want a beach with no radios, that means I want a beach with no nonwhites.” In the same way, they will not say to themselves, “If we want to preserve American and Western civilization, we need a white majority society with that is governed by white standards and ideals.”

And the primary reason they will not say this to themselves is not that they fear being called racist. It is that, having fully internalized the teachings of modern liberalism, they sincerely believe that any white racial consciousness is immoral and disgusting. As long as that is their belief, conservative whites will continue to pursue values which are substantively white, even as they continue to embrace a liberal value system which assures the ongoing extinction of whiteness.

Here is the article at SBPDL:

2010 Mid-Term Elections: A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back?

Before we begin with Election 2010 coverage, a moment of silence for Alvin Greene. He represented the shining hope for a Black person to be elected to the United States Senate. Regrettably, the Senate is lily-white.

When one considers the state of Black America’s elected representatives in Washington DC (how many of the Congressional Black Caucus are under ethics investigation, believe Guam might capsize or elucidate on the Florida Gators not taking no Jive?), it should be obvious that Mein Obama is the titular face of Black people in a government of undeniably incompetent elected Black officials.

And the 2010 election was all about him, with those forgotten, old white people (I’m looking at you Juan Williams) of Pre-Obama America sending a defiant message to DC: Black Run America (BRA) must end.

Michael Steele had nothing to do with it, mind you.

Black Run America (BRA) has been around for sometime. It doesn’t mean that Black people run America, it means that America runs for the betterment of Black people. Entitlement programs, free lunches, welfare payments, the creation of Whitopia’s miles away from failing Black cities, the end of NASA, affirmative action and blatant discrimination against the majority population have existed for sometime.

But Mein Obama put a Black face on the whole concept, thus creating a whole new dynamic. His administration has gone above and beyond what the original goal of BRA was and created a scenario virtually unimaginable ten years ago (see here where gloats about how Obama has benefited Black America at the expense of America).

White America is wakening up. White America hasn’t lost its mind, its slowly beginning to realize that it has legitimate interests in an age where minority chauvinism is reaching epic levels. Just look at the returns of the 2010 mid-term vote. White people are abandoning the Democratic Party at rates unprecedented in American history.

Worse, Rhode Island voted to keep ‘Plantations’ in the state name!

With the battle for 2012 starting now, let’s take stock of what this actually represents. Can the Republicans accomplish anything, offering the proverbial New Hope so many people long for right now? Or will it be the case of The Empire Strikes Back, as when the Republicans took power in 1994 but did nothing in return for those who voted them in and trusting them with the reins of the government?

Remember, Newt Gingrich is positioning himself for a 2012 presidential run, thus ensuring that 1994 is recreated and the The Empire Strikes Back scenario coming true.

Exit polls have showed low Black voter turnout, but in the end the Black vote doesn’t matter. What matters is that something strange is happening in America: white people are beginning to think in terms of their own interests and they believe the Republican represents the best product available right now to protect their aspirations and goals for the future.

Or is 2010 merely 1994 again?

Remember, Black people and their votes are merely pawns in an chess match between Stuff White People Like (SWPL) whites and Untouchable whites. SWPL whites hope for immigration reform so that illegal aliens can be added to the list of guaranteed Minority Rainbow Coalition voters (hey, it helped in Nevada!).

Untouchable whites just want normal Pre-Obama America, a time and place when pride still mattered.

Continuing the Star Wars theme, does the 2010 mid-term election represent a New Hope or merely The Empire Strike Back scenario?

Of course, somewhere people are thinking about that third kind of white people we alluded to recently. Perhaps they represent Return of the Jedi?

Conservatives are congratulating themselves like the Rebel Alliance did after destroying the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope. Those who can see wonder if this is but a repeat of the failed promise of 1994, when the gains of conservatives were negated by the pusillanimous elected Republicans once in office.

Are white people gaining courage to confront the term ‘racist’? Rand Paul did win and he has shown courage against a barrage of attacks …

Black Run America (BRA) will not end until white people understand that they have legitimate interests and that these interests matter in a nation that is increasingly hostile to Pre-Obama America and its founding documents.

There will never be an end to the question “And Then?” and it should be obvious that there Can be no peace between SPWL whites and Untouchable whites.

But what is happening is something elemental: white people are starting to think as a group, if only implicit at first.Though the Tea Party people look for Black faces to make the movement seem palatable to those who believe racism to be a mental illness, the tectonic plates that hold together acceptable dialogue are shifting.

And that might be the ultimate Stuff Black People Don’t Like. The zenith of ‘hate facts’. [several videos follow]

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