The four minutes following Kaddafi’s capture

Here is a four minute long video of the capture of Kaddafi. The camera constantly jerks around but occasionally you see Kaddafi’s increasingly bloody face in the midst of the crowd beating him up. Within an hour of his capture, he was dead.

Remember that the yelling, chaotic, shooting-guns-in-the-air mob beating up their fallen leader are our “democratic allies.” A missile attack by a U.S. unmanned drone and a French war plane disabled his vehicle (of course a more direct hit would have destroyed his vehicle and killed him), putting him into the hands of this savage mob which killed him. And as far as I can tell, no mainstream American commentators (and almost no non-mainstream commentators) are bothered by this. The mainstream opinion of the moment is that Kaddafi was a dictator, therefore he deserved to die, and deserved to die at American hands, notwithstanding that we had made peace with him and had a bilateral relationship with him and notwithstanding that the UN mandate only went to protecting civilians and that the Obama administration had stated specifically that the UN mandate did not include the use of force to overthrow, let alone kill, Kaddafi.

From beginning to end, our intervention in Libya has been both criminal and treasonous, since it has helped al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists gain power in that country. Our dishonor is pretty well complete. We might as well be Britain.

(For more thoughts on this, see Kaddafi dead. Long live “democracy,” and my other posts on the death of Kaddafi.)

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