Miss Muslim USA / Miss Hezbollah USA

Also, Ray G. wrote to me last last night about the Miss USA pageant, and it turns out that what’s happening is worse than affirmative action for cultural and religious aliens such as Miss A&T of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Ray writes:

Not the biggest story, but just thought you might want to know about it. The Miss USA pageant tonight (put on by Donald Trump’s organization) features Miss Michigan, who is from here in my hometown, Dearborn.

She is a Muslim, although apparently doesn’t wear the traditional hijab and related clothing. Furthermore, she and her family are immigrants from Lebanon. She grew up in Queens, New York and only moved to Dearborn a few years ago.

Isn’t it great to have a Miss Michigan who for all practical purposes really isn’t a Michigander, much less an American?

Also, I know Debbie Schlussel can sometimes be a bit too extreme in her rhetoric, but she has an article about Miss Michigan that is worth reading. Here is the opening:

Yesterday, I told you about Rima Fakih, the Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslim “representing” Michigan in Sunday’s Miss USA pageant. As I told you, Miss Michigan USA Rima Fakih’s relatives are top officials in terrorist group Hezbollah, and many have been Hezbollah and Harakat Amal [Shi’ite Amal terrorist group, allied with/part of Hezbollah] “martyrs” against Israel.

Ray continues:

My wife and I watched in disbelief as the gorgeous Miss Oklahoma, who also gave a great conservative answer to the question of Arizona’s right to pass its own immigration law, lost out to Miss Lebanon, I mean Miss Hezbollah!

But all day long my wife has said she thinks the contest is rigged and Miss Hezzie was gonna win.

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