Rape and civilizational surrender

Be sure to read the remarkable article by the English blogger Tottenham Lad about interracial gang rapes of white girls and women in Britain, all of the stories sourced in mainstream newspapers. I’ve never seen anything like it. The article is also linked and discussed in this VFR entry.

But why should any of this be a surprise? Since the beginning of time, when one tribe overruns another, do they not rape or carry away the women? And is it not the work of civilization, to render a society more stable, under a rule of law, and able to defend its people from barbarians within and without? But modern liberalism is anti-civilization, and thus unleashes the forces of rape and pillage that civilization came into existence to contain. And when this anti-civilization movement, undermining the very bases of social order, is connected with the mass immigration of culturally and racially different peoples, rape of the women of the receiving society by men of different race is inevitably going to become a common occurrence, as is now seen throughout the West.

Did the West think about what the impact would be on its women, before it opened its doors to the non-Western world?

Did white America think of what the impact would be on its women, before it told itself that people of all races are the same and should mingle freely together?

How many women have had their lives blighted or destroyed by liberalism?

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Tim W. writes:

Not only is there no particular concern in a liberal society about the rape of its women by the others, but women are programmed not to take any precaution against it. Recall Barack Obama’s horror that his grandmother feared an aggressive black man.

Recall the two coeds who were wantonly killed by blacks a few months ago. One of them was a student leader at her college. Imagine if word had gotten out that she was approached by a young black man and fled to avoid him. So what’s a young woman to do when approached on the street at night? She’s been programmed to believe that it’s racist to take precautions. And there’s voluntary media censorship of the actual crime stats for minorities so how likely is it that she even realizes the danger?

Look at movies and TV and ask yourself how often minorities are depicted raping, or threatening to rape, white women. You’d probably have to go back to the overtly pro-white “Birth of a Nation” in 1915 to find such a film in America, or to “Two Women” in 1960 in European cinema. We generously stopped even hinting that white women had anything to fear from minorities a long time ago. Our template today is “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Bill W. writes:

To follow on Tim W.’s comment on minority depiction in popular television programs, all you have to do is watch CSI-Miami approximately one time. My wife is a big fan of the show, but as she’s watching it, I routinely ask her (to her annoyance): “Have they found the white, priviledged, rich bigot who framed that nice minority or gay person for their heinous murder-born-of-arrogance?”

Here is a summary of around 80 percent of CSI-Miami episodes:

1. A body is found.

2. All evidence points to a neat, reasonable, well-spoken, contemplative black or Hispanic person. Sometimes gay: gotta be inclusive.

3. Agent Horatio Caine (eyes narrowed) feels in his heart that “something isn’t right here. No, no, something is DEFINITELY wrong.”

4. Deeper investigation reveals another possibility—something that no one would have ever imagined…

5. The investigation points to a white person—usually a wealthy and educated, but arrogant and entitled, white male.

6. Further investigation reveals that the white person actually committed this heinous crime, and allowed the evidence to point to another … more convenient person.

7. The falsely-accused minority du jour thanks the agents, and continues with his purposeful, goal-oriented, productive life, now somewhat sobered at the evil of our class system.

Russell Wardlow writes (May 31):

You may have mentioned this before, but coming on the heels of others’ comments about media depictions of minorities and crime, Law & Order has been the exemplar of this practice for years. In fact, its “ripped from the headlines” M.O. precisely inverts real life. The best example was an episode based on a brutal and senseless murder in New York City, where a group of black teens, males and females, murdered an Asian delivery man from a local Asian restaurant. They took the time to place an order for a particular address, and then laid in wait outside. The most heinous part about it was that it seemed to be done purely for kicks.

The Law & Order episode clearly modeled on this incident had the same essential details, except for the fact that the killers were a group of rich white kids.

Steve Sailer once said that there were likely more fictional white murderers on Law & Order than actual white murderers in New York City.

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