The Egyptian catastrophe, brought to us by U.S.

Barry Rubin sums up the Egyptian disaster: a Muslim Brotherhood president unrestrained by parliament or military. The effective end of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. Israel forced to start defending itself on its Egyptian border, which it hasn’t had to do in 35 years. It goes on. Have any of the flaming conservative idiots who urged that America push out Mubarak admitted that they were wrong? No. What they do is, they blame Obama for somehow failing to assure that after he had helped topple Mubarak, secular democrats would somehow come to power, as though such an outcome were under Obama’s control.

Note that I do not take to task the liberals who also supported the U.S. toppling of Mubarak, because they are enemies who openly seek to weaken and harm America and to weaken and harm Israel. The conservatives supposedly want to defend America and Israel. Therefore their culpability is greater.

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Paul K. writes:

I heard a commentator on NPR yesterday faulting the U.S. for not arming the Syrian insurgents, because by failing to do so we will not have gotten them on our side when they win. After all, we can recount so many instances where American assistance to Islamic fighters earned us their friendship, starting with our support for the Afghanis fighting the Soviet invasion.

LA replies:

What can we do, other than laugh?

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