Terry Jones, after ending six months ago with a whimper, reappears with a global bang

As virtually the only blogger in the universe who fully took the side of Pastor Terry Jones last September during the great controversy over his announced, then cancelled, Koran burning, by which I mean that I didn’t just defend Jones’s “right” to burn the Koran, but I said that he was doing the right thing, I will obviously have a lot to say about an Afghan mob’s murder of 12 UN workers in revenge for Jones’s legal, symbolic, and harmless act of burning a Koran. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here is the New York Times’ story on the murders, and a story on Jones.

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Malcolm Pollack writes:

Today Afghan Muslim zealots overran a UN compound in a murderous rampage because Pastor Terry Jones burned a privately owned copy of a book, thousands of miles away.

Fourteen people were killed; two of them were beheaded. They were utterly innocent of any connection with Pastor Jones; their only offense was that they represented Western civilization.

The central principles of our civilization are the freedoms of inquiry and expression; the central principle of Islam is the punishment of unbelievers. Can we now put an end to the fiction that Islam and the West can peacefully intermingle?

Whatever else one may say about Terry Jones, he forces us to confront reality.

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