More on Pamela Geller’s total disconnect on the Islam problem

Pamela Geller has an article at American Thinker on the case of Rifqa Bary, the Muslim girl in Ohio who became a Christian and had to flee her parent’s home because her parents threatened to kill her in conformity with sharia law for converting out of the Muslim faith. Now a Christian minister named Brian Williams is being investigated by police for helping the girl escape.

The case is important, and I applaud Geller for her role in helping find legal counsel for Williams. However, as I’ve pointed out before, Rifqa Bary type situations will keep recurring in this country FOREVER, so long as there is a significant Muslim presence in this country. Islamic law requires the death of apostates. We have allowed millions of sharia believing Muslims to immigrate into the U.S., and, without a radical change in our policy, we will be allowing millions more in the coming decades. Naturally some Muslims living in this Christian majority country are going to become Christian, and then their life is going to be in danger. Are we going to make a cause celebre of each of the endless number of Rifqa Bary type cases and other honor killing situations in the future? That would appear to be the Pam Geller paradigm. She tacitly accepts the increasing presence of Muslims in this country, while she crusades against the spread of Islamic law which is being carried out by the very Muslims whose increasing presence she tacitly accepts. She just formed a new organization, Freedom Defense Initiative, to protect America from jihad, but among her 23 proposed action plans she says nothing about stopping Muslim immigration or removing the sharia believing Muslims who are already here. But that position should not be too radical for her. After all, she is a big supporter of Geert Wilders, whose clearly stated policy on Islam is to stop further immigration of Muslims into the West and to remove the sharia believers who are already here. Why does she put so much energy into supporting Wilders, but remains completely silent about the centerpiece of his anti-Islam policy? Maybe she’s more into being photographed with Wilders than doing the things about Islam that he himself says must be done.

As an example of Geller’s total intellectual disconnect on the issue, she writes:

What kind of nation, what kind of society are we living in, when someone who helps a girl whose life is in danger is prosecuted for it? An Islamic one. Not so fast, buster.

“Not so fast, buster”? How does she think America became Islamic to the extent that it has? It happened through the immigration into this country of Muslim persons and the birth of children to them. Yet she doesn’t call for ending or reducing the Muslim immigration, let alone reversing it. To vary an analogy I’ve often used before, it is as though Geller watched a man gulping down one shot of whiskey after another, not telling him to stop, and after he’s had several shots and is becoming dangerously inebriated, she says, “Don’t get drunk, buster,” even as he picks up another glass and she still does nothing to stop him.

So, to paraphrase Geller, what kind of Islam critic is Pamela Geller, when she complains about America becoming Islamized, but refuses to oppose or even mention the very policy by which it has become Islamized?

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Amidst the AT readers’ praise for Geller, a commenter named Steven has posted this critical statement:

Posted by: steven
Feb 27, 07:34 AM

Do you want to send a strong clear message? Well there is only one way to do that -


Send them back to Sri Lanka were they belong. The message should be anybody caught advocating or trying to practice Sharia law will face swift permanent deportation. Anything short of expelling these people is unacceptable. They shouldn’t be here in the first place. All Muslim immigration should stop. They are invading us. They are not here to assimilate. They can’t as long as they practice Islam.

So Pamela, you fell short for not making this the solution to this growing problem. Both you and Robert Spencer only pay lip service to this problem. Its first and foremost an immigration problem yet you will only mention this in passing occasionally. You have the platform so start beating the drum until enough Americans understand the problem and demand an end to this insanity.

They [Muslims] are coming here in record numbers so it will continue to get worse. In the meantime we must expel those caught practicing or even advocating Sharia Law. As their numbers grow the next step will be to demand Sharia Law in their enclaves with the ultimate objective being the imposition of Sharia Law on all of us. Pamela, you what I’m writing is true. You’ve seen it first hand in Europe we’re next. You also know that my solutions are the only way of dealing with this problem.

Most Americans are totally in the dark about Islam including all of our major “conservative” talk show hosts with their bloviating about being tough on “terror”. They can’t even name our enemy. How can you win a war when you don’t who the enemy is? We are headed for dhimmitude.

UPDATE: Steven has posted more comments in that thread, and I’m happy to see that some commenters are agreeing with him:

Posted by: steven
Feb 27, 10:04 AM

“but it all started with the underage baptism.” No, it all started with her Muslim family being here in the first place. Fortunately for the girl because of our insane immigration policy she’s in what’s left of the United States. Her parents should be expelled.


Pamela, I want an answer from you as to why you and Spencer are wasting the big platform that you have while giving mere lip service to the real problem—Muslim immigration. Things are going to get far, far worse and you know it. The only message worth sending is that the parents are going to be—DEPORTED!

Posted by: steven
Feb 27, 01:19 PM

Unfortunately, these people [Muslins] should not be here in the first place. They are our enemies by virtue of following the Koran, Sira and Hadiths. Those who follow these texts are commanded to whenever possible, convert kill, subjugate and enslave all non believers. They are also commanded to impose Sharia Law upon all of humanity. This war against us will continue for eternity or when people stop following Islam. So don’t hold your breath. Pamela Geller knows along with Robert Spencer that these commandments can NEVER be taken out of Islam. NEVER. IT CAN’T BE FIXED. They know that this is an impossiblity.

So given the huge platform that they have, why have they only mentioned in passing that ALL Muslim immigration needs to be halted in order to make us safe? They have said it but why aren’t they beating the drum on this issue when they know its the ONLY way to combat what is coming? Cowardice, political correctness. We need to have an answer. The Muslims that are here should be DEPORTED if they are caught implementing or advocating the practice of Sharia Law in the United States.

Its in direct violation of our God given rights as laid out in our Constitution. So Ms. Geller and Mr Spencer tell us why you are silent? Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin etc are all gulity of misleading the American people about who are enemy is—Islam. The Left supports anything that they perceive to be anti-Christian. So forget them.

People like Geller and Spencer could change the template rather quickly with their knowledge if they’d only put their foot down. Start banging the drum and hold people’s feet to the fire. 8 1/2 years have passed since 9/11. Jefferson, Adams, Churchill and the rest must be rolling over in their graves at this disgraceful ignorance on the part of our leaders and the American public.

Posted by: amerigal1
Feb 27, 09:53 AM

I agree with Steven and his solution. It is the blindness to the problem of allowing open Muslim immigration. It is a very different world now—a world and a time when the Muslim people you let in, and their sympathizers in the obama cult, seem only to want to be here in order to bring our system of government and its citizens down into hell. Sharia law? NEVER!!! The other problem is that people like Walid Phares, and the other lady who wrote A God Who Hates, love this country and should not be made to leave.

Stop Muslim immigration now. Deport “horror killers” and their families!!! Fight with Pamela for Rifqa and support her minister and his legal council. This will not stand and the Muslims shall not conquer!!

Thank God the Arizona legislature (Judy Burges—thank you!!) has a adopted having candidates show REAL, verifiable birth certificates and legal documents before getting on the ballot. Would that other states follow!!

Posted by: Doktor Riktor Von Zhades
Feb 27, 10:45 AM

How about amoritorium on ALL immigration? This way, we do not target one group, (although, that wouldn’t hurt my feelings any). Then redesign the qualifications for American Citzenship. This may not be the best solution, but it would be a start.

Secondly, OUTLAW shiria Law. Yes I know this is opening a can of worms, as the law itself is part and parcel of Islam, however, I believe a case could be made to show that they can be decidingly two seperate entities as the former violates most of our constituional rights and the American Legal/Justice System.

Just my 2 cents worth….

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Rick U.writes:

It looks like Steven may have single-handedly turned the discussion to our mindless immigration policies. I wonder if Ms. Geller will answer his call?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 27, 2010 01:51 PM | Send

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