The world champ of honor killings

According to an unclear article in the Express Tribune, a man in Faisalabad, Pakistan, on finding out that two of his teen-aged daughters were in relationships with boys, called all six of his daughters into his room and shot them all dead. However, the story is so poorly written that except for the summary lead sentence, it doesn’t actually say that he shot six daughters.

To rescue the girls and young women of Pakistan from this fate, we should either (a) invade Pakistan and democratize it, or (b) bring the entire population of Pakistan to the U.S.

In reality, of course, either of those courses would end with our facilitating Muslim honor killings on a hitherto unimagined scale. The darkness of Islam is such that there is nothing—NOTHING—we can do about it. All that is in our power to do about Islam is to keep it away from ourselves. But that is something we will not do, since anyone who suggests it risks being thought of as a potential mass murderer.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 28, 2011 10:52 AM | Send

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