Charles Johnson finds more fascists behind his TV set

K. writes:

I was reading the comments on the Obama and White Supremacists thread at LGF and noticed that, at comment 180, Charles Johnson has copied a comment by a favourite Lizard, “Render,” which lists you amongst neo-Nazis. Charles also then mentions that he regards people like Diane [sic] West to be numbered amongst these. As one who has been out of the USA for many years, I do not recognise several names, but I long ago came to the view that the undercarriage of Charles Johnson’s own bus is considerably more crowded than even Obama’s. The thread appears to pick up on the idea I have seen discussed on your site, that an Obama win might cause the Caucasian majority population to face some unpleasant realities regarding race relations in America.

You know my own view: CJ has been intent upon recalibrating his site for some time, well before the VB and Sverige Demokrater brouhaha and the CounterJihad Conference in Brussels. LGF has truly become, in so many ways, a hate site, extremely anti-European (in that respect, almost welcoming an Islamic takeover). Very sad, there used to be some interesting discussions there. It is now a classic example of thought control of the masses.

I thank K. for sending this.

Here is comment #180 by Charles Johnson, in which he quotes the commenter Render (who has attacked me before) and then adds his own comment condemning Diana West and Richard Miniter.

re: #170 Render

I only saw one line in that piece that I would really quibble about.

“Even David Duke, the neo-Nazi and former Klan boss who is the closest thing the movement has to a real intellectual these days…”

They got a fistful of pseudo intellectuals with fancy degrees these days.

Jamie Kelso, Ian Jobling, Virginia Abernathy, Lawrence Auster, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Gordon Lee Baum, Marcus Epstein, etcetcetc…

SLPC is actually six months to a year behind the curve.

Their numbers have risen from a one time 1990’s low of around 20,000 to well over a quarter of a million in separate groups at last estimate. That’s just the US based groups.

One neo-nazi is a threat. Every neo-nazi is a threat.

Is that a difficult concept?



I’ve learned recently that neo-fascists are much more prominent in conservative circles than I had previously realized. There are other well-known pundits who are sympathetic to the fascists, too—I’ve drastically revised my opinion of more than a few people, e.g. Diane West, Richard Miniter, and several others.

[End of Johnson comment]

First, to get the context here, Johnson’s initial blog entry consists of quotes from commenters at the pro-Nazi websites Vanguard News Network and Stormfront. “Render” then associated Ian Jobling, Virginia Abernethy, Peter Brimelow, me, and others with these pro-Nazis, and Johnson accepts this grouping. Johnson is even less able to make distinctions between very different kinds of people on the right than is the Southern Poverty Law Center. My old friend Heidi “Beria” Beirich of SPLC (here, here, and here) is more rational than Charles Johnson. I would much rather talk with her.

Second, Johnson’s ignorant, wildly swinging irrationality takes him to the point of calling Richard Miniter, a respected mainstream journalist, a neo-fascist or at least a fascist sympthizer. Why? He doesn’t say. But I assume it’s because Miniter criticized Johnson last year for his over the top attack on Brussels Journal and Vlaams Belang, and Miniter’s comments played a key role in turning at least some segments of mainstream opinion against Johnson. Or maybe it’s because Minister did not agree with Johnson’s opinion that VB and Brussels Journal are fascist or Nazi (Johnson seems to have dropped the Nazi label for the fascist label, which I guess is an improvement). In that case, if you fail to agree with Johnson’s view that Person X is a fascist, that means that you are a fascist sympathizer. I mean, Johnson sounds just plain unthinking and stupid. How did he become such a successful blogger? And apparently the massive damage he inflicted on his own reputation last fall has had no effect in getting him to moderate his m.o.

And what is the basis for Johnson’s calling Diana West a neo-fascist or fascist sympathizer? He doesn’t say. He just names names. Like Allah, whose followers Johnson seems increasingly to welcome in the West, since they are better than Euro-fascists, Johnson doesn’t need to give reasons. He just pronounces his will, and his followers accept and obey.

- end of initial entry -

K. writes:

Over on the Obama and White Supremacists thread, comment #234 by “Q” is in support of you. I don’t imagine “Q” will last long as a Lizard. We Initialers are everywhere, behind the TV, in the Castle…

LA replies:

Thanks. But you know what happens now, don’t you? “Render” will endeavor to prove that I really am a Nazi. Should be fun. I’d better hide that Celtic cross on my bookshelf…

LA continues:

It strikes me how the people at LGF have no notion of the different kinds of belief systems and people on the right because they themselves are uninformed liberals who are only “conservatives” in the sense that they oppose terrorism. I think someone spoke recently of people who became conservative on September 11, 2001. For such people, anything that lies to the right of neoconservatism is fascism and Nazism, with the result that that, say, Diana West ends up being the same as Don Black or Alex Linder.

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