Suing Arizona?

Yesterday the story was that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had told a TV station in Ecuador on June 8 that the Justice Department will sue Arizona over its anti-illegal alien law. But of course the Secretary of State does not speak for the Justice Department, and the latter did not confirm her comment. However, as reported this morning by Fox News:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer refused to flinch after Obama administration officials confirmed Friday that they plan to file a lawsuit challenging the state’s anti-illegal immigration law.

In a statement issued late Friday, Brewer called Obama’s decision “outrageous” but “not surprising.”…

Administration officials initially would not confirm Clinton’s statement. But an official told Fox News on Friday that while the review is still underway, the decision has already been made that a Department of Justice suit will be filed. The administration at this point is just building its case.

So the battle is on, right?

Not quite. The article continues:

Another official said there are still “substantial” issues to address and work out before the Justice Department knows that it has a strong enough case to file a lawsuit. The official said the department intends to file suit, but that any court action is contingent on the final review.

Given the way this so-called administration shilly-shallies over important decisions (it’s now seven months since the so-called Attorney General made the shocking announcement in November that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would be tried in federal court in New York City, then seemed to back away from that decision in January, then indicated that he still hasn’t made up his mind, and has left the issue hanging ever since), I don’t think we should believe that it will sue Arizona until it actually sues Arizona.

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